Friday Favourites

Since my Fridays pretty much entail nothing but me cleaning my house every week, I’ve decided to start “Friday Favourites” where I post links, videos, trailers, basically anything that caught my attention this week and I’d like to share. Hopefully I’ll find enough interesting items every week to keep this up, but we’ll see how it goes… On to the favourites!

1) This video of The Muppets singing with Jimmy Fallon just about made my heart explode. I think my favourite part is Animal, just dancing by every few seconds. God I love the Muppets. Why don’t we ever see any Muppet movies anymore! What’s that? Jason Segal is working on one? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd…. *SWOON*

2) Speaking of Jason Segal (kinda) this behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming 100th episode of Mow I Met Your Mother has me pretty damn excited. Not only will there be singing – Neil Patrick Harris singing, to boot – but there’s a part that’s sung in an Irish accent and a dance number from the choreographer at Glee? YES PLEASE!

3) This Sunday marks the return of Chuck, one of the greatest action/comedy series EVER that apparently nobody watches. But people should watch. Because it’s freaking AMAZING! Seriously, how do you not giggle at his Shaggy impression? I am so excited for this. If NBC ends up canceling Chuck this year Sandra will be one saaaaaaaaad panda.

4) My new favourite website? How it Should Have Ended. The Terminator one is a personal fav (and incredibly well done!), but Twilight and Spiderman 3 really made me laugh a lot as well. “Check out ma bazillion ab muscles!”

5) I enjoy this list of great movies you could never watch again. I’d want to add Children of Men to that list though. And Bambi. Seriously, has anyone ever voluntarily sat through Bambi a second time? Why would you want to relive the childhood trauma?!

6) So, I have this thing where movies about killer hillbillies REALLY freak me out. I hate hillbillies. I am terrified of them. All that being said, this movie looks AMAZING:

The subject matter alone is tongue-in-cheek enough for me to give it a whirl, but to cast Alan Tudyk as one of the hillbilles? I don’t really see how I have any choice but to see and love this movie.

7) This might be one of the greatest things I have ever seen. FANTASTIC.

8 ) I worship the girls over at Go Fug Yourself and so every week I think I’ll post my favourite fugging. This week I actually picked two because they kind of related to each other. They’re both of Jennifer Lopez and while the outfits themselves would be enough for their inclusion here, it’s actually the commentary they provide by writing as Jennifer herself. What makes it even more awesome is that when I read it, I don’t hear Jennifer Lopez in my head so much as Eric Cartmen’s impression of Jennifer Lopez. Which, let’s face it, is SO MUCH BETTER.

9) I also want to start writing about movies being released each week that I want to see. This week’s winner!

(Click to watch the trailer!)

Reason: Mostly? Matthew Goode. And Matthew Goode’s accent. Plus, Ireland! And I do enjoy Amy Adams. All that being said, I have no intention of SEEING it this weekend, nor do I intend to pay to see it in theaters any time soon. This seems more like a “catch it on W Network one Sunday morning” then “rush out to see it opening night.” But there ain’t a whole lot opening up this week, kids. I saw Daybreakers at the Toronto Film Festival (I recommend it if you like gore, vampires, and/or Willem Dafoe) and while Youth in Revolt seems to have promise, I’ve been burned by Michael Cera before.

Truth be told, I’m actually hoping to catch Nine this weekend, or maybe Up In The Air. We’ll see how that pans out though. Happy Friday!

I don’t care if Monday’s blue,
Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too
Thursday, I don’t care about you
It’s Friday, I’m in love!

– The Cure


2 responses to “Friday Favourites

  1. Oh Sandra. I’m glad you’re not one of those weirdo Michael Cera lovers. I mean, he’s okay, but he’s not an actor. The poor kid is so brutally type-cast that I doubt he’ll ever land a role that’s even remotely diverse from his Juno character. So far he hasn’t. I doubt he ever will.

    Killer hillbillies… have you seen “The Hills Have Eyes”.. that’ll ruin your love for hillbillies. Definitely. I’m sure. :)

    • The thing is, I DO love Michael Cera, but it’s mostly just residual love from Arrested Development. I am fully aware that he has been and forever will be George Michael Bluth in EVERYTHING he does. The only thing that really appeals to me about the movie (other than the stellar supporting cast) is the fact that his evil counterpart has a ridiculous moustache.

      I HATE HILLBILLIES. It didn’t start with “The Hills Have Eyes” but that definitely helped cement it. Seriously, what is wrong with movie hillbillies?! All the raping and torturing and skin-eating… *shudder*

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