Friday Favourites

Time for my Friday Favourites! Due to Sunday’s award show, a lot of these are Golden Globes-related. And by a lot, I mean like, 2:

1) This should come as no surprise, but I adore the Golden Globes. This article articulates my feelings on the matter quite nicely. Drunken celebs chatting and laughing, an appreciation for musicals and comedy, surprising moments of kindness and/or hilarity… that video of Ving Rhames and Jack Lemmon? I remember that. I remember watching it and thinking, “I am witnessing something spectacular.” And it’s very rare to tune in and not see something that touches me or cracks me up. Seriously, so excited for Sunday.

2) Speaking of Sunday, as if the show itself wasn’t exciting enough, but to have Ricky Gervais hosting? Good lord, this is going to be epic. This man could not give less of a shit what people think of him and he is willing to do or say anything if it makes him laugh. Also, he’s mentioned more than once his intention to be drunk during the proceedings, which only ups the ante on the potential for awesome. (PS If you watch the video of Ricky with Conan, watch all four parts. Each one seems to perfectly sum up the various reasons I love him.)

3) Speaking of Ricky, even though this is still just a rumour, the potential for a Michael Scott/David Brent showdown has me positively giddy. Please let this happen, please let this happen, please let this happen…

4) Remember me mentioning how psyched I was for the How I Met Your Mother musical number? It did not disappoint:


5) Ok Go has a new music video. If you thought it impossible for them to top their incredible treadmill video, you thought wrong. The creativity of these guys is incredible.

6) Ever since I saw the trailer for Chris Nolan’s latest film, Inception, I’ve been salivating for more details. This article reveals nothing, and yet it has me even more psyched for the film’s release. Well played, Nolan. The less you tell me, the more I want to know. Good, bad, I’ll still end up seeing it opening night.

7) I have a sick obsession with Texts From Last Night. So this Super Mario parody pretty much made my week. Better appreciated if you know your Super Mario and are familiar with the site.

8 ) I know I shouldn’t be as excited about Vin Diesel’s announcement about two more Fast & Furious movies as I am, but I can’t help it. I spent a whole day watching all four movies in a row. And I can’t even use my inexplicable love of Vin Diesel to justify it – he’s not even in the second or third one! I hang my head in shame.

9) Oh hey, ever been to Nic Cage As Everyone? You haven’t? Well in that case, YOU’RE WELCOME.

10) This week’s favourite fugging? How can you not love an àpropos Seinfeld reference used to belittle Al Pacino? Answer: You can’t. You just can’t.

11) This week’s release I’m most interested in seeing…

(Click to watch the trailer!)

Reason?: Simple. Gary effin’ Oldman. That man is never better than when he’s playing someone who is batshit crazy. And judging from that trailer, he is at his batty best in this one. I really couldn’t care less about Denzel’s post-apocalyptic loner/badass-with-a-heart-of-gold. Gimme Oldman ranting and killing and just generally chewing up the scenery around him. That’s all I need.

12) Finally, the story about the NBC late night wars should be old news by now, but as a fervent and faithful Conan fan – one who thought him incredibly classy before he released this statement on the whole thing – I’d just like to state, for the record: I’m With Coco.

`”Have a great day and, for the record, I am truly sorry about my hair; it’s always been that way.” – Conan O’Brien


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