My geek is showing…

Happy Monday, internet!

How did you spend your weekend? Me, I spent the last 72 hours watching all 23 episodes of a really campy British sci-fi show! Time well spent, wouldn’t you say?

As mentioned last week, I decided to download “Primeval” after falling in love with Andrew Lee Potts in SyFy’s miniseries “Alice.” Well, not only am I even MORE in love with him (He’s cute as hell, has a British accent, and wears hats all the time. I didn’t stand a chance,) but I am now totally addicted to yet ANOTHER embarrassingly geeky television show.

I really think it’s an addiction at this point. The quality of the shows no longer seem to matter, as long as they are science fiction-y and incredibly geeky. Sure, there are the shows that are generally recognized as being “geek chic”: Firefly, Buffy, Battlestar Galactica… and then there are those that most people have probably never heard of: Threshold, Night Stalker, Surface (If you watched or even remember any of these shows, ten points to you!) And then there are the shows like Primeval. A show I should be embarrassed to admit I watch, let alone that I kind of really love it.

The basic premise of the show is kind of like Sliders meets Sanctuary: strange rips in time start appearing all over England (and apparently, only in England) and prehistoric creatures start escaping into modern times and humanity’s only hope is a ragtag group of scientists who track down and capture these creatures. It really is as lame as it sounds. And the special effects are laughably bad. Also, for a show about vicious creatures terrorizing all of England, there are literally NO scary/gory scenes. And yet despite this, I am totally hooked.

I love that they actually acknowledge that travelling THROUGH the anomalies will effect the present. I love the continuity on the show and that characters are not introduced and then dismissed; they stick around or come back or at the very least are referenced regularly. I love all the pretty British boys; Andrew Lee Potts, yes, but also James Murray (LOOK AT THOSE EYES!) and Ben Mansfield (SO HOT); I love that a chick from S Club 7 is on it, and that I LOVE her on it; in fact, I love how much I love all the characters, even the ones I kind of hate. Oh, and I love that this show has reminded me that S Club 7 existed. AIN’T NO PARTY LIKE AN S CLUB PARTAY!

I may or may not have been shamelessly listening to this song all day.

The worst part of this new obsession? The third season ended in a rather major cliffhanger and the interwebs has informed me that the show won’t be coming back until 2011. OH. SWEET. JESUS. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT THAT LONG?! This is why I shouldn’t invest in a show until it’s over. I can’t even imagine what I would have gone through trying to watch The West Wing in real-time….

Would I recommend Primeval to anyone? Hell no. Which saddens me because it would be really nice to have someone to talk about the show with, someone who admits it’s terrible but loves it anyway. Like the few people I can discuss Twilight with! (I KNOW, I KNOW… I’m totally ashamed.) Regardless, if any of you do decide to check it out, please don’t blame me. Unless you decide you love it too, then I take full credit.

I’m falling really behind in my resolution tracking. The February Blues have hit a month early, which means I’m too lazy to do much of anything. BUT I WILL GET BETTER. I swear I will. I did finish another book though! So that’s… something.

Connor: Me? Terrified of being trapped in a shopping centre, with brain eating zombies. [Makes zombie noises] Imagine.
: But that’s unlikely to happen, isn’t it Connor?
: Hey, I’m trying to work with you here, woman. – Primeval


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