Friday Favourites… sorta.

One of the pros of living at home again is sometimes your mom will do super awesome things for you, like finish making your bed if you’ve gone out without putting fresh sheets on.

Of course, this super awesome gesture is somewhat dampened when she inadvertently unplugs your laptop and the entry you’d been drafting gets eaten by your computer. *SIGH* So, a day late and a dollar short, here are the Friday Favourites:

1) This interview is like, 2 years old so I have no idea how I missed it, but if you ever wondered what an interview with Jon Hamm conducted by Paul Rudd would be like, wonder no more. I had no idea these guys were old friends! I think this means Paul Rudd should show up on Mad Men in the future. IF YOU’RE LISTENING, TV GODS, MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

2) Oh, and by the way TV gods, this news about Brothers & Sisters is so incredibly NOT COOL. First Robert, now Kitty?! You owe me a Paul Rudd/Mad Men moment now.

3) And don’t think that having J-Lo guest on How I Met Your Mother will suffice. Sure, she makes me giggle from time to time, but I enjoy how infrequently HIMYM does stunt casting. Let’s not turn this show into Will & Grace, shall we?

4) This video cracks me up:

Though I will say there’s more cheesy FILMS than cheesy LINES here. Wicker Man? Batman & Robin? I know there’s a plethora to choose from but we get it, they’re terrible, one line should suffice. However, the inclusion of Joan Allen’s line from Death Race pretty much makes the whole thing for me. It STILL makes me laugh.

5) This article about the declining interest in acting among our generation’s finest actors worries me. Especially since the actors listed are among my favourites. Will my generation be defined by actors such as Channing Tatum and Shia La Beouf? Perish the thought…

6) In case you were thinking to yourself, “I wonder what ever happened to those kids from The Mighty Ducks?” here’s a neat little “Where Are They Now?” slide show for you. The kid who played Karp grew up reeeeeeeaaaaaaal nice. Yowza.

7) I know JD Salinger died this week, and it’s a sad day for popular culture, but I’m actually more saddened by the loss of Zelda Rubinstein, the cute little exorcist from the Poltergeist films. Poltergeist is the first movie I can remember watching (Thanks, dad!) so she’ll always hold a place in my heart for that, but let’s not forget the incredibly cheesy and often overlooked 80’s cult classic, Teen Witch!

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with that movie. So thank you, Zelda Rubinstein, for being the go-to magic lady of my childhood.

8 ) Muppet movie update! I hope this rumor is true. I think I could die happy if I saw Bret and Jemaine rocking out with Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.

9) These rare photos of famous people are actually surprisingly captivating. Although the Sean Connery one might give me nightmares. GUH.

10) This week’s best fugging! Sometimes, a simple one-liner is all it takes.

So, I have no movie I want to see that’s being released this week. Because there is nothing but crap being released this week. I love me some Kristen Bell, but it’s going to take a lot to get me to sit through When In Rome anytime soon. The poster alone makes me gag. And Edge of Darkness? Pass. You’ve yet to earn back my trust, Crazy Mel Gibson. However, I am hoping to see Legion this weekend and if I do, I SWEAR TO YOU, I will write about it.

Instead of a quote, today I leave you with this comic that made my day:


3 responses to “Friday Favourites… sorta.

  1. I didn’t know that Rob Lowe was leaving Brothers and Sisters. My heart is breaking. And Calista Flockhart as well. Next you’ll tell me that Kevin is leaving (I would have to stop watching if that ever happened. We’re soulmates).

    I loved the Mighty Ducks pics. I agree with you about Karp. I think that Adam Banks grew up pretty nicely as well, though a little too pretty for me.

    The rare celebrity photos were amazing. I am also scarred by the Sean Connery one, but I love the one of Audrey Hepburn giving the fawn a drink. Other favourites: David Bowie and Elizabeth Taylor, any pic with Paul McCartney, Marlon Brando + cat scarf.

    • If Kevin was leaving, I would totally give up on the show, no question. He and Scotty are the onlything keeping me around once the McCalisters split. But I worry that, much like Greys when it lost key cast members, Brothers & Sisters will decline in quality and I will stop loving it with the fervor I do now =(

      Out of everyone I know, I figured you’d enjoy the celebrity photos the most!

  2. I just remembered the Christopher Walken pic. I honestly don’t know my feelings on that one. I think it scared me, but it also intrigued me.

    And I just watched the cheesy lines video. While I agreed with most of the video, I cannot support the inclusion of Bill Pullman in Independence Day. That scene is classic. Bill Pullman is amazing. And there are much better quotes they could’ve pulled from that movie.

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