He will be mine. Oh yes. He will be mine…

My future husband

My future husband

So, this happened…

Wednesday? Wednesday was a good day. I was told in my “YOU’RE A WINNER!!” e-mail that I should arrive at 11:30am to get my passes; so naturally, I was there at 11. The signing was scheduled for 12:15 and even an hour and fifteen minutes before the main event, there was a BIG ASS line that made my stomach drop down into my feet. I had managed to get my boss to agree to a half day (he’s a really cool guy, and managed to only make one sarcastic remark regarding my tastes har har har,) but judging by the size of that line, I wouldn’t be back at work until next Tuesday. Oh, me of little faith. I forgot the three most glorious letters in the alphabet:

V . I . P .

I didn’t just win passes to get an autograph, oh no. I won V.I.P, front of the LINE passes. And the V.I.P line? Only 8 people in it.

So, me and my plus one (my best friend Jennie, who only came with because her mom is a huge fan and Jen thinks he’s cute) got in line and waited for Josh’s arrival.

And waited.

And waited.

Now, I’m not complaining, because I’d wait three days to meet him. As well, our spot in the line? DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE STAGE. I was staring directly at his chair, the VERY CHAIR he’d be sitting in shortly. But, the longer I waited, the more nervous I got. Now, I’ve met my fair share of celebrities – For the past 8 years, I’ve annually attended Fan Expo in Toronto, which is kinda like ComicCon’s much nerdier, sadder, little brother. I’ve met Bruce Campbell, Tahmoh Penikett, Max Brooks, and a plethora of Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and other Whedonverse alumni. So, in theory, I should be well-versed in the whole “meeting one’s idols” thing. But, as my mom so graciously pointed out, “this isn’t one of your nerdy, sci-fi geeks. This is a Grammy-nominated, world famous musical genius. Don’t make an ass of yourself!” Oh, ok, thanks mom. So, suffice to say, nerves were a little raw.

A little back story: I have been crazy about Josh Groban since I was 17 years old. He guest-starred in an episode of Ally McBeal and when he sang, he literally stole my breath. Watch that clip, I beg you. I just rewatched it and got choked up, again. The way everyone disappears around Ally when he sings? That’s exactly how I felt watching it the first time. Hell, it’s the way I still feel when I watch it. I thought he was cute (in a nerdy, gangly, shy kinda way) throughout the episode, but when he got up and sang, I was absolutely floored. When he came back a year later, he broke my heart and made me fall in love all over again. Since then, I’ve been a devoted fan. So like I said: I’d wait three days to meet the man.

And then… there he was.

He arrives


It sounds totally clichéd and ridiculous, but he is so much cuter in person. So much so, that Jennie turned to me and said, “Ok, so I was teasing you about trying to steal him from you earlier, but he is ridiculously adorable, so I’m turning on my A-Game. IT’S ON.” He chatted a bit with the radio DJs who were hosting, was presented with a platinum record, made a couple sweet jokes about Canada (“Oooh, can I take home a block of cheese??”) and then he took a seat. And looked right at me. And said, “Hi!”



Now, I didn’t faint, but inside? I was gone. Just gone. I’m surprised I was able to say “hi!” back and smile and, you know, move forward in the line. Because having Josh Groban look me in the eye, smile at me, and say “hi” pretty much short-circuited my insides.

I finally worked my way up the line. I walked towards him and we had the most banal, sad little conversation ever:

Josh Groban: Hi, nice to meet you!
Me: (in what was probably a weird, shaky voice) Hi, it’s so nice to meet you, I’m such a huge fan!
JG: Oh, thank you so much!
Me: It’s so wonderful to meet you, thank you.
JG: Oh, I’m happy to be here, thanks for coming out!
*brief, not-quit-but-almost-awkward silence*
JG: Who should I make this out to?
Me: OH! Sandra. I’m Sandra. Sorry.
JG: Nono, don’t worry! *signs my CD* there you go, thanks again!
Me: Thank YOU, so much!

This is the point where I wandered away, giggling and randomly sighing.

So, as it turns out, I did make a bit of an ass of myself. But I don’t care. I met Josh Groban. I was inches away from him. I have his autograph. I am happy.

True Love

Josh and my hair... true love


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