Golden Globes 2011

NOTE: I wrote this yesterday, with the intent of updating it after I watched The King’s Speech and posting it before the awards. It is now an hour into the awards. Long story short: my mom and grandma take waaaaaaaaay too long to eat dinner and I hate my life. I swear, I did not edit any of my predictions since the winners have been announced

This weekend was a movie-palooza. I watched 5 – 5!!! – movies this weekend. I win? Anyway, basic breakdown:

#4) History of Violence – liked it a lot, have no need to own it though. Definitely recommend it though! Dunno why it took me so long to finally see it…

#5) RED – Hilarious. I love me some over-the-top action, and anything with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren is made of win for me. Best part? John Malkovitch. SO FUNNY. All that being said, soooooo not worthy of a Globe nomination.

#6) The Fighter – Holy crap, was this ever incredible. New respect for Mark Wahlberg, renewed respect for Amy Adams, and the same never-ending love for Christian Bale. It’s heartbreaking and uplifting and real, go see it.

#7) The Kids Are All Right – I really enjoyed this one, but was a little disappointed with certain aspects of it. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but I will say that Julianne Moore’s character frustrated and disappointed me. And that’s not a condemnation against her performance, because I thought she was incredible, but a criticism on the way the story unfolds and choices the character makes. So, I guess I have  problem with the writing? Don’t get me wrong though, I really enjoyed the film and I’d definitely recommend it.

#8) The King’s Speech – Just got home from this one. Incredible. Worth every word of hype you’ve heard. Colin Firth is phenomenal and Geoffrey Rush is hilarious. It was moving and funny and informative and quite literally had me on the edge of my seat at some points. Which is impressive for a period piece.

Tonight is the Golden Globes (hence all the Oscar-bait I watched this weekend) and because I consider myself a bit of a movie/tv buff, I decided to make a list of my predictions for winners tonight, as well as the performances I personally believe should win. Let’s see how accurate these predictions prove to be tomorrow!

Best Picture – Drama

Will win: The King’s Speech
Should win: The Social Network

Ok, I loved The King’s Speech, I did, but for my money, The Social Network was the best film of the year. And this is coming from someone who practically worships Christopher Nolan and thought Inception was the SHIT. But The Social Network is one of those films that will define a generation. However, voters rarely agree with my perspective, so look for The King’s Speech to clean up.

Best Picture – Musical or Comedy

Will win: The Kids Are All Right
Should win: The Kids Are All Right

This category is kind of a write-off anyway. The Kids Are All Right is the only deserving nominee on the list. I mean, Burlesque? Really? Just because it’s a musical doesn’t AUTOMATICALLY get it on the list. And why can’t animated films be up for both Best Animated AND Best Picture? Because I’m pretty sure Toy Story 3 would sweep this category if they could.

Best Actor – Drama

Will win: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech
Should win: Ryan Gosling – Blue Valentine

Colin Firth deserves it. I can’t wait for him to get recognition for his incredible performance. But Ryan Gosling is one of those incredibly talented actors who seems to constantly have his commitment to his craft overlooked. His performance is still haunting me, 4 months later.

Best Actress – Drama

Will win: Natalie Portman – Black Swan
Should win: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

This was tough, because I think Michelle Williams is incredible in Blue Valentine, I do, but Natalie’s performance in Black Swan is still with me. Her transformation, her descent into paranoia and madness, the fact that she mastered all that dancing?! I loved it. I loved her. This is hers to lose.

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy

Will win: Johnny Depp – Alice In Wonderland
Should win: ?

Truth be told, Johnny’s is the only performance in this category I’ve seen, so I can’t really say who else should win it. Maybe he does deserve it – Johnny is incredible in everything, and his Mad Hatter pretty much haunted my nightmares, so maybe he deserves it. Whether he does or not though, I predict he’ll win it.

Best Actress – Musical or Comedy

Will win: Annette Bening – The Kids Are All Right
Should win: Julianne Moore – The Kids Are All Right

This was harrrrrrrrd to choose you guys. Because Annette totally deserves it, and if she won I’d be totally satisfied, but I just preferred Julianne’s performance as the flighty, insecure and flawed other-half to Annette’s uptight, bordering-on-alcoholic control freak. That being said, I think Annette has the edge here and she’ll take the prize.

Best Supporting Actor

Will win: Christian Bale – The Fighter
Should win: Christian Bale – The Fighter

This one is no contest. Christian Bale is incredible in The Fighter. And while I believe that he is one of those actors that should have been nominated long, long ago, I don’t think this will be a “we owe you an award, so you’ll get it for this” moment. Bale becomes Dick Ecklund. If you saw him on the street, you would think he was in fact a crack addict. He is moving and powerful and just unforgettable. If anyone else takes the prize, I’ll be shocked.

Best Supporting Actress

Will win: Amy Adams – The Fighter
Should win: Melissa Leo – The Fighter

I really think this one will come down to the two ladies from The Fighter. And I can’t really decide which one will win, but I’m leaning towards Amy because she plays someone so incredibly against-type for her and I think voters will be impressed by that. However, Melissa Leo is just phenomenal as the fierce matriarch of the film. I’d love to see her get some recognition for that.

Best Director

Will win: David Fincher – The Social Network
Should win: Christopher Nolan – Inception

I adore The Social Network, and I definitely believe Fincher should win. But Inception was such an incredibly creative film and honestly think that for the rotating hallway fight scene, he deserves the award.

Best Screenplay

Will win: Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network
Should win: Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network

I admit, I’m biased. I worship at the altar of Sorkin, so anything he writes, I’m on board with. But I also honestly believe that The Social Network is one of the best written sceenplays of the year. Inception could edge him out, but I think Sorkin’s previous body of work will work in his favor here.

Best Animated Film:

Will win: Toy Story 3
Should win: Toy Story 3

This is a no-brainer. I loved Despicable Me, I loved How To Train Your Dragon, but there is just no topping the brilliance that is Toy Story 3. It reduced grown men to tears and reminded us all once again what it means to love and be loved. Plus, a Spanish Buzz! Come on!

Best Drama

Will win: Boardwalk Empire
Should win: The Walking Dead

Mad Men had a pretty incredible year, but I think Boardwalk Empire is going to take the big prize home this year. A sweeping period piece on HBO about prohibition? Starring Steve Buscemi? With Martin Scorsese’s name all over it? Voters who haven’t even seen the show would vote for it based on its credentials. Which is a shame, because The Walking Dead was only six episodes long and it still managed to capture the attention of fans and critics around the world and create a cast of characters we care about and relate to. But I suspect it’s just going to get written off as just “that zombie show,” which is sad because it is so much more than that.

Best Comedy

Will win: Modern Family
Should win: Modern Family

2010 was not Glee‘s best year. But, it’s still incredibly popular and since it hasn’t been on very long, it’s easy for people to assume the show is as strong as when it started. That being said, I think we could be looking at another Modern Family upset here, a la The Emmys. And rightly so. Modern Family is smart, funny, touching, and one of the best assembled casts on television. While I think not including Community, Cougar Town or Parks and Recreations is a glaring omission, Modern Family is the best of the bunch this year.

Best Actor – Drama

Will win: Steve Buscemi – Boardwalk Empire
Should win: Jon Hamm – Mad Men

Bryan Cranston has been an unstoppable force at awards shows these past three years and, having never watched Breaking Bad (Trust me, I’m as shocked as you,) I can’t rightly say whether or not it’s deserved or not (Though, I strongly suspect it’s well deserved.) But I suspect that Steve Buscemi’s cred, along with the buzz behind Boardwalk Empire will put him over the top. Which is a shame, because Jon Hamm was a force to be reckoned with on Mad Men this season. This season was the season of Don Draper, the season of seeing who the man behind the mask was. Hamm proved his range by showing Draper’s swagger and confidence in the office, and his desperation and neediness outside of it.

Best Actress – Drama

Will win: Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife
Should win: Elisabeth Moss – Mad Men

Now, I love me some Good Wife. And if Julianna wins (which I am fairly confident she will,) I will be over-the-moon because she deserves it. However, Elisabeth Moss is quickly becoming one of my favourite things about Mad Men. She manages to make Peggy a relatable, intriguing character without turning her into some caricature of 60s feminism or the poster girl for the sexual revolution. So it’d be a nice little surprise if she got some recognition for that.

Best Actor – Comedy

Will win: Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory
Should win: Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory

Honestly, this category is a little lackluster. And it makes me wonder where all the funny men have gone? But I digress… Steve Carrell is currently in his final season of The Office, so I could see him getting some sentimental votes. But Jim Parsons is the best thing about The Big Bang Theory. And quite frankly, I’d have a hard time deciding who makes me laugh louder and longer – Michael Scott, or Sheldon Cooper? I give the edge to Sheldon because he is just such a unique character and Parsons plays him to perfection.

Best Actress – Comedy

Will win: Laura Linney – The Big C
Should win: Tina Fey – 30 Rock

This was another category where I looked at the nominees and said, “really?” I love me some Tina Fey, and I think Tina deserves a lot more credit than she gets for her work on 30 Rock – Liz Lemon is probably one of my favourite female characters on television right now. But I’m going to say that Laura Linney takes it for playing a cancer patient with a new outlook on life. Between Linney’s cred among critics, the basic plot of the show, and the fact that she is probably incredible in the role (haven’t seen it, so I can’t  say,) I’d say she’s a shoo-in.

Best Supporting Actor

Will win: Chris Colfer – Glee
Should win: Chris Colfer – Glee

2010 was the year of Chris Colfer. His character Kurt was finally given the chance to be fleshed out a little more in the second half of the first season, and now in his second season, he’s managed to make Kurt the heart and soul of the show – a sassy, clever but ultimately lonely gay teen trying to handle bullies, falling in love, and his father’s illness. Colfer is pretty much the only reason I still watch the show and I think the Globes are his best bet for getting the recognition he deserves – there’s no “comedy” or “drama” label to trip him up this time. He can win simply for giving the BEST supporting actor performance on television this past year.

Best Supporting Actress

Will win: Kelly Macdonald – Boardwalk Empire
Should win: Sofia Vergara –Modern Family

I watched the first five or six episodes of Boardwalk Empire and while it really didn’t strike my fancy, I was struck by Kelly Macdonald’s incredible performance as Margaret Schroeder. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the voters picked up on that as well. But I’m throwing my support behind Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. Her Gloria is sassy and sexy, but never falls into the stereotypes associated with hot young mothers. Plus, her attempts in the Halloween episode to mask her accent just about made me die, I was laughing so hard.

Tomorrow I will check back and see how well I do with my predictions!


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