Apparently, I’ll watch anything Jason Statham makes

It’s almost embarrassing how badly I want to see The Mechanic:

And by almost, I mean definitely, definitely embarrassing. My unending love of Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and any and all cheesy action flicks will be my undoing one day, mark my words…

Based on my Golden Globe predictions, I’m a genius. Or, at the very least, smartish. 75% correct! And if you count the number of winners I thought SHOULD win (though I may not have thought they WOULD,)  it’s more like 80%. I’d like to see you suckers make such accurate predictions! Oscars, here I come!


3 responses to “Apparently, I’ll watch anything Jason Statham makes

  1. I was about 70% right about the Golden Globes. The miniseries ctegories always trick me because I never watch them. And i make a couple of selctions based on who I wanted to win rather than who I actually thought would win.

  2. I was about 70% right. Which was a bit disappointing. But I was tricked a few times (stupid miniseries! *shakes fist* They always screw mw up because I only wathc the British ones)

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