What, this isn’t about movies or television? Gross. Pass.

So, all my posts lately have been pop culture ramblings! Real life time!

This past Friday, a girl from work (Hannah) invited me over to her house to meet her boyfriend, her dog, and hangout and watch Fringe with them. Now, my knee-jerk reaction was to pass – not because I didn’t want to hang out with her, because she’s perfectly pleasant, but because I tend to be tired after work. And this makes me less than desirable to hang out with normally, but add in a super enthusiastic chatterbox (NOTE: Not a condemnation, just not something I have the energy to keep up with on a Friday night after working all day,) and meeting new people, and having to make a good impression… I was reticent, to say the least. And since I didn’t know where she lived, there’d be unknown transit involved… It just seemed like a bad idea. However, I recalled my epic Resolutions List. And I realized that this offered me a number of resolutions to take care of in one evening, including, but not limited to, Number 4b: MAKE A NEW FRIEND. There is potential here, folks. So I sucked it up, accepted the invitation and headed out to parts unknown.

Now, as previously mentioned, Hannah is gloriously perky and chatty. And one of her favourite subjects is her dog, Hunter. He’s a Westland Terrier which, if you’ve never seen one, hold onto your heart because it’s about to burst:


In every story Hannah tells of Hunter, he has so much personality – he’s energetic, he’s playful, he’s rambunctious, he’s clever, he sounds like exactly the kind of dog I would fall in love with. So, to say I was excited to meet him would be an understatement. When we walked in the door, I expected a little bundle of energy to come bounding at me and for me to scoop him up in my arms and for us to bond and cuddle all night. Not so much. We walked in, and this little white furball just sort of stared at me from the couch. Then, slowly and cautiously worked his way over, keeping an eye on me the entire time. I’ll admit, I was a little miffed. I am not a Stranger Danger! Animals love me, dammit! Turns out he’d had a little near death experience earlier that day and as a result, was a little off his game. Still, I was severely disappointed with the lack of cuddles.

After Hannah and I took Hunter out, she started asking about snacks and dinner. Cue the music. I’d warned her beforehand, that to call my eating habits particular would be polite. I am a nutjob. It is much easier to just not feed me and let me worry about myself. Unfortunately, Hannah was super excited to play hostess and insisted on making me food. I finally got her to agree to just chicken fingers (a concession I could tell broke her little “hostess with the mostest and ready to cook” heart) but that didn’t stop her from trying to offer me a snack in the meantime. Cue the stilted, awkward back and forth:

Hannah: BBQ chips!
Me: Uhhhh, no thanks?
Hannah: Cheese and crackers?
Me: Pass.
Hannah: We have granola bars…
Me: I’m good, really.
Hannah: Marshmallows? Apple? Carrot sticks? Pita bread? Cheese?
Me: … You know, I think I’ll be fine until dinner, really.
Hannah: Steve won’t be here for an hour.
Me: *starts contemplating whether it’d be feasible to eat Hunter*

Eventually, she figured out the quickest way through the minefield I call my eating habits was to just ask what I DO eat. After some scouring in the back of the cupboard, popcorn was found!


She offered to melt butter and pour it on for me, like the sweetheart that she is!

It was margarine and not butter.

You might not think any of that would make a difference to my enjoyment of the snack, but that would only be because you clearly have never met me, ever. Seriously. I’m bananas.

One good thing about the popcorn, Hunter is apparently quite the fan. I suddenly found myself with a new best friend, giving me puppy eyes and just daring me NOT to share. It was a dare I did not win.

Eventually the boyfriend, Steve, arrived. He was delightful and sarcastic and charming and we hit it off smashingly. We watched television and ate dinner and shouted conspiracy theories at the screen throughout Fringe. Once the show ended, they whole family – Hunter included – walked me to the streetcar (WHICH I TOOK, BY MYSELF. SUCK IT, #16b!) and I even got a hug from Steve before I left. When I got to work Monday, Hannah told me that Steve loved me and wants us to hang out again soon. Who knew I was so charming?? I’ve been debating whether Hannah counts on my Resolution List, since I technically met her BEFORE the new year. but I figure if I become friends with her AND Steve, I definitely will meet my new friend quota.

In other news, I’ve signed up for this really awesome film series club at the TIFF Bell Lightbox called Books On Film Club. I was debating whether I should sign up without someone to go with – I’m a chicken, and often need motivation to follow through on things like this – but I finally just decided to buy the tickets and use the cost of the subscription as my motivation. Can’t waste that money, can I? Plus, my friend K-Bo, who I see very little of despite having gone to school together and now living in the same city, said she was interested as well. I bought my tickets and will be attending my first screening next Monday. I’m not entirely sure if K-Bo got hers, but I’ve decided that whether I have someone to go with or not, I am fine. I am excited. I will be going to the Lightbox more and getting out and doing something for me. I need this. This will be good.

It is now February 1st, which means I have been writing here for a month solid. Let’s see how I’m doing with the resolutions, shall we?

1) WRITE!!! – I think this one is coming along nicely.

2) See 100 movies I’ve never seen – So far, I’ve covered 8 out of 100. I’ve determined that if I can average 8-9 a month, I should make this quota, no problem.

3) Read 25 new books – I’m pretty sure my Book Club has fallen apart. Story for another time. But with the Books on Film Club, I should be able to crack this one.

4) Be more outgoing – Haven’t had a chance to really work this one yet.

4 b) Make new friends – Did I mention my super awesome Friday hangout? I think this one is progressing nicely.

5) Go on a date/join a dating website – N/A

6) See a movie alone – Not yet, but I will!

7) Sing at karaoke – N/A

8) Hangout more regularly with people downtown – So far I’ve spent time with Dakshana and Hannah, but this one needs more work. I need to start hounding people to make plans, apparently.

8 b)Accept more invites – I think I’ve been handling this one nicely, thank you!

9) Get published/referenced on EW.com – N/A

10) Exercise more – This is not really going anywhere. YET. This month, I swear, I will do more than go to ONE dance class and then sit around all month.

11) Have a Games Night once a month – I tried. I failed. We’ll see how February goes…

12) Learn a new skill – N/A

13) Write to out-of-town friends more – I’ve been replying to my e-mails in a more timely fashion, but I should start INITIATING the correspondence. New plan for Feb.

13 b) Send more gifts/cards – I am in the process of working on a penpal letter. I also have plans to send a little somethin’ somethin’ for the first birthday in 2011 that is out of town. DOn’t screw this up, Byles!

14) Visit Ottawa more – Right now, I’m hoping for a March visit, but this is still in the works.

15) Take a dance class – Sort of? DDPP probably doesn’t count. But it’s all I’m going to accomplish until the summer, I’m sure of it.

16) Explore Toronto once a month – I’ve been exploring, but not as extensively as I hoped. Winter is a bitch and makes exploring seem like an unnecessary hassle. I need more motivation for this one.

16 b) Take a streetcar – DONE AND DONE! And I’ll hopefully do it again this month without ANY assistance!

17) See all the Oscar contenders – I have seen 8 out of the 10 Best Picture nominees and currently have plans to see the 9th tomorrow. I am very, very optimistic here.

18) Go to the TIFF Bell Lightbox regularly – See above. This WILL happen.

19) Enter more contests – Oh, did I mention that I met JOSH FREAKIN’ GROBAN?? As a result of that, I’ve entered pretty much every contest I’ve seen. And bought lottery tickets. I’m determined to win something, anything again.

20) Take more pictures – I took some sweet pics of Josh, but other than that I really need to work on this one.

Overall, I think I can be proud of how this is progressing. Wish me luck in month 2!


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