Perfect Couples, please stop marring my Thursday night comedy block

Alright, it’s official.

I have given it five weeks to make an impression on me. Five weeks to stop sucking and to actually, you know, make me laugh. But that’s it, I’m done.

Perfect Couples is terrible.

Now, I watch a lot of terrible shows. I only recently finally gave up the ghost on Gossip Girl. I’ve seen every episode of Surface, the ridiculous sci-fi show about sea monsters. And I’ve watched a LOT of failed sitcoms in my day – Accidentally On Purpose, 100 Questions, Back To You, Out of Practice, The Class (which I actually really enjoyed) – and no matter how bad most of them were, I could always find SOMETHING to make me laugh. Not so much here.

I want to like it. David Walton is adorable and was my favourite thing about one of the aforementioned terrible failed sitcoms, 100 Questions. But the characters are really, really terrible. Not relatable, not sympathetic, and worst of all, NOT FUNNY. And Olivia Munn. Oh, Olivia Munn.

I must admit, I never got the whole “Olivia Munn is awesome!!” thing. Maybe it’s because I never watched Attack of The Show, the geek televised Bible. Maybe it’s because she has yet to impress me on The Daily Show (you are no Samantha Bee, my friend.) But whatever it is, I find her character on the show can best be summed up by a quote from Cougar Town (a NOT terrible sitcom that more people should watch):

“Her face makes me want to learn how to box.”

If this show gets renewed, and one of my favourites doesn’t, I will burn down the internet.

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2 responses to “Perfect Couples, please stop marring my Thursday night comedy block

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha!

    My brother told me she was a terrible actress. I didn’t mind her on AOTS, but I admit I didn’t search her out beyond that.

    I can only imagine how bad the show is. I’m afraid that if *I* watch it, I will instantly stop living. And I like life, so I decided to just avoid it.

    Maybe she’ll write a follow-up to her book; what was it, “Suck it, Wonder Woman”? She could call it, “I suck. Wonder Woman, save me.”

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