Once again, real life rears its ugly head…

I kind of sort of love my job.

I mean, not really. I don’t want to do it forever, and it’s pretty mundane and repetitious. In fact, as a whole, it’s not that great a job. But I love (most of) the people I work with. And I love being in charge of people. That’s right, I said it. I loved being a supervisor at Michael’s when I lived in Ottawa – I loved having responsibility, being the one others I worked with turned to with questions, having authority over people and knowing that with that, the buck stops here. I don’t know, I enjoy leading, I guess. I like responsibility, as long as I know what I’m doing. So I’m really enjoying being a supervisor at my current job. I love being in charge of a room of ten people; I love that my boss trusts me to run things in his absence and even has me run off-site projects; I love that I’m now being sent resumes to review and am asked to sit in on interviews and get consulted regarding new hires; I love that I am who others in the company turn to when my boss isn’t there; I love that my team respects me, for the most part; and I love that the ones that don’t, don’t because they are slackers or don’t take me seriously; and I love even more how little I care! And right now I love that I’m being put in charge of organizing “fun” activities for the office. Granted, they currently only consist of an “Oscar Pool” (that everyone just assumes I’m going to win,) a “Baby Pool” (which no one has entered except myself and three others,) and today I made a “Movie Suggestion Board” where people can suggest movies for others to watch and then if/when you watch it, you can give your opinion.

I was unnecessarily excited about this one, I’ll admit. I spent far too much time making a chart to put up and when I did, everyone just kind of looked at it, and then me, with raised eyebrows. But I persevered.

“If you could recommend one movie to everyone in this room, what would it be?”

I got the ball rolling by writing down The Social Network. Then The Goodbye Girl. Then, just to stir things up, Dirty Dancing. Suddenly, everybody had an opinion.

Dirty Dancing?? PLEASE. There is only one Swayze picture worth anyone’s time and that is Road House. Put Road House on there!”

I like Dirty Dancing! Did you see the sequel? Terrible. Don’t put that there. But the Spanish kid from it, he was in The Terminal, I liked that!”

“Hey, What was that movie where the guy went nuts in the restaurant because his burger didn’t look like the picture?”
Falling Down!
“YES! Falling Down! Man, that movie was awesome…”

In The Mouth Of Madness. Seriously. It will MESS YOU UP.”

“I liked V For Vendetta!”

“Did you ever see John Q? I love Denzel…”

“I just watched Fracture the other day, you guys should see it if you haven’t already, seriously…”


“Ok, so I watched this movie last year, and it had this lawyer who was divorcing his wife, and he took his kid to a ballgame, and then he hit the kid with his car, and then tried to cover it up, and he wore a Boston baseball cap… I think his name was Billy? Anyone seen that one?”*

Yep. I kind of sort of love my job.

*It took me FOREVER to figure out what this one was. It was literally giving me agita. When I did figure it out, I was less than impressed that the only elements she got right were the Red Sox and someone getting hit by a car. Eeesh…

In other news, a had a very lovely – albeit far too brief – visit with my good friend Allison this week. She came to Toronto to see Christopher Plummer in Barrymore and to take me to see the Secret Garden musical for my birthday. Note: While I thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially the lead male who I lovingly described as the “Danish spawn of Greg Kinnear and Donny Osmond”:

The one on the right. Tell me I'm wrong, folks!

Despite that, I don’t really recommend it unless you love both musicals AND Frances Hodgson Burnett’s original children’s novel; trust me, being a fan of just one of those things likely won’t work in your favour.

Best part of the visit? My belated Christmas present, natch:

Pete's Dragon

Boo Bop Bopbop Bop, I Love You Too!

Why yes, that would be a handcrafted Pete’s Dragon snowglobe she made me! Jealous much?

Back story: I love Pete’s Dragon. LOVE IT. It’s tied with Beauty & The Beast for my favourite Disney movie. About 2 or 3 years ago, I was at a Disney store in the US and found a Pete’s Dragon snowglobe. It was $70-something, but it was also clearance priced. I stood in that store for close to an hour, debating whether or not to get it – to the point where a lady in the store said, “Oh, honey, just buy it already!” – before finally having my mother, the queen of logic, point out that it’d be a bitch to pack to take home. So I left it behind. And regretted it ever since. I told Allison all about it when I got home and apparently, she never forgot.

I have no idea where I’m going to put this glorious monstrosity, but rest assured it WILL be prominently displayed.


2 responses to “Once again, real life rears its ugly head…

  1. Was the movie Reservation Road. I don’t remember much from the movie, but it sounds like that. Also, I’m glad I’ve been mentioned in your blog. Yay for me.

    • It was indeed Reservation Road. Never seen it, but I still feel like I could have figured it out faster if she’d been more accurate in her description. Then again, you got it, so maybe I’m losing my touch… Hahaha.

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