Run mad, as often as you choose, but do not faint

Ok, so, February? Pretty much a total wash, resolution-wise. I managed to see a movie on my own, (more on that later) I was at the Lightbox thrice this month, (YIPPEE!) and I saw all ten Oscar nominees, but other than that… EPIC FAIL.

I didn’t write as much as I intended to. I have a habit of spending my day at work brainstorming and blueprinting a post I want to write, but by the time I get home I’m tired and distracted by TV and just end up creating a draft with bullet points in it for me to expand on later. So there are a number of drafts on this thing that consist of little more than:

* Tim Burton Exhibit
* Alice visit
* awesome exhibit
* waiting in cold
* randos talking to me in line
* crappy souvenirs
* wanna watch Big Fish now

For March, my goal is to write a little bit every night. It doesn’t have to be a whole post, just a couple sentences so I can flesh out a proper entry by week’s end. Hopefully if I do this often enough, I can actually write more and be lazy less.

Went to my second screening for the Books on Film Club – Mansfield Park (#13). And, as mentioned above, I went all by myself! (I still feel like this didn’t count though, for some reason? So I still want to try and go to a theatre by myself and see a commercial film.) Didn’t finish the book, again, but I swear I intend to this time, if only to compare and contrast to the film. Because the book thus far? Ugh. Ugh. I have never been a huge fan of Jane Austen’s – I just can’t get into her books, I find them boring and unrelatable – but I can say that generally speaking, she writes good heroines. Fanny Price, however? Lord almighty is she ever insipid. And honestly, the other characters aren’t much better. I’m having a hard time finding anyone in the book I feel any sympathy for. But the movie? I LOVED the movie. I loved that director/screenplay writer Pamela Rozema decided to “perform an intervention” on Fanny Price (her words!) and base the character more strongly on Austen herself, rather than the novel’s version of Fanny. Novel Fanny is weak, she is shy, she is morally uptight upright and constantly, constantly fretting. Stop fretting! Do something! SAY something! But Film Fanny? Film Fanny is outspoken, she is confidant, she is a writer (something I apparently consider to be necessary in my heroines, up there with a love of books,) and she is appalled at the notion that a woman must look and behave a certain way to be considered worthy of consideration. I think I might even enjoy the film more than the Pride & Prejudice remake from a couple years back.

*ducks the flying expletives and projectiles*

But, full disclosure: I have had such a massive crush on Jonny Lee Miller for the past 15 years (The number of times I’ve exclaimed, “Well shit on me!” when surprised is honestly embarrassing,) that it was pretty much over for me the minute he appeared on screen.

Suck it, Mr. Darcy. THAT'S RIGHT, I SAID IT.

You can’t see them too clearly here, but he’s rockin’ some pretty bitchin’ sideburns. *SWOOOOOOOOON!!*

I also saw Conviction (#14) this weekend. Total disappointment. I wasn’t expecting much from the film, the reviews I’ve read and the trailer didn’t give me much to hope for, but there was so much POTENTIAL here just laid to waste that it made me a little angry. I happen to enjoy Hilary Swank, I think she’s talented and I love that my first thought when she won the Oscar in 1999 for Boys Don’t Cry was, “Oh! Steve’s girlfriend from 90210 is an Oscar winner!”

And Sam Rockwell? I ADORE Sam Rockwell. Totally underrated. Also? I want to dance with him:

Plus, you got Juliette Lewis looking all busted up, Melissa Leo being deliciously despicable, and a cameo from The OC’s Sandy Cohen working for The Innocence Project. Totally a Sandy Cohen cause, right? Anyway, the story is total Oscar-bait, the actors are all respectable, but the film just can’t seem to connect. The story is told in a jagged, confusing timeline that jumps from one point in time to another without any real explanation or proper development. She’s in law school working to free her brother! No, wait, she’s just got engaged and her brother’s not in jail yet! No, wait, now he’s arrested! No, wait, now she’s a ten year old breaking into trailers!? And every major plot development – his arrest, her passing the bar, her finding evidence, etc. – seemed to happen and then be immediately followed by a major jump in time with no development or time for the characters – or the audience, for that matter – to process it. It was off-putting, to say the least. Give us some time with the characters as they react to these major moments! Let’s see how one leads to the other, and not just jump all over! This could have made SUCH a difference! The only really positive point for me was the fierce loyalty between Hilary Swank’s and Sam Rockwell’s sister and brother characters – I’ll tell you right now, if my brother was wrongly convicted of a crime, I would not stop at anything to free him either. Their devotion to each other was touching, especially the scenes of them as kids. However, as a whole the movie falls flat. Do not recommend, folks.

Speaking of Oscar-bait! The Oscars were last week! Not surprisingly, I won the office Oscar Pool (I could tell by my co-workers delighted groans and muttered “surprise surprise”s that they were all very happy for me,) but when I checked my ballot, I was quite delighted in my own wishy washy-ness – I got more predictions right at work then I did on here. And I suspect that’s because I handed in that ballot weeks ago and didn’t have time to second-guess myself. Based on my day-of predictions, I got 14/24 right; based on my work Oscar Pool predictions, I got 16/24. Figure that shit out.

As for the show itself, yeah, it wasn’t particularly outstanding; but it also wasn’t as bad as everyone keeps making it out to be. Yeah, Anne Hathaway was a little too perky; yeah, James Franco was a little too dazed and confused; and yeah, the winners were a little predictable; but guys! Guys! KIRK DOUGLAS. THE YEAR OF THE MUSICAL. R.D.J. AND JUDE LAW. And three of my all-time favourites in the business can now call themselves “Academy Awards Winners.” Christian Bale! Natalie Portman! Aaron Sorkin! Plus, my favourite dress of the night on one of my new favourite young actresses:


Seriously, how hot is that dress?? Sexy, classy, age-appropriate… Jennifer Lawrence, between this and your “I’m here to lose and have fun” comment on the red carpet, I have a total girl crush on you madam.

All in all, a typical, underwhelming awards show. My vote for host next year? Billy Crystal.

If it ain’t broke folks, don’t fix it.


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