The Adjustment Bureau (#15) – Hats and flirting are all you need!

*Be ye warned! If you don’t want to know anything about The Adjustment Bureau, stop reading now!*

So, I could give you a detailed description of The Adjustment Bureau – blah blah blah cashing in on Inception cache, blah blah blah religious allegory, blah blah blah romance disguising itself as a sci-fi thriller, blah blah blah enjoyable popcorn flick, little else – but instead, I’d like to point out the three things that really bugged me about the movie that I JUST. CAN’T. GET OVER.

Hold still, I just want to incept this idea in your head. I mean..

#1) Ok, so SPOILER ALERT! It’s indirectly indicated that the Adjusters are more or less angels. They can flick their wrist and make the floor rise to trip people, or crash cars with their minds. So why exactly do they require super high-tech brain scanners to help change people’s minds? Are you magic, or scientifically advanced? PICK A LANE, PEOPLE!

Total sausage-fest, amiright?

#2) Alright, fine, you’re angels: where the ladies at?? Chicks can be angels too! Seriously, even if the Adjusters WEREN’T supposed to be angels or higher beings or whatever, why are they all men? Because they look better in the hats? Eff that! I could rock those hats! Gimme one of those hats!

Run Emily! No time for questions or arguments or logic!

#3) A fairly insignificant peeve, but it really bothered me – Emily Blunt, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?! DO YOU KNOW?! DO YOU CARE?! Look, I get that Matt looks pretty spiffy in that hat and wet shirt, and yeah, he could probably charm me into following him anywhere, but he comes off like a serious banana sandwich right before this scene. A banana sandwich that you were already pretty pissed at. And you follow him! Through a bunch of crazy doors that should have made your brain explode! And yet, you keep running! Good thing you didn’t wear heels that day, huh?

Ok, complaining: done. I actually really enjoyed the love story aspect of the film, and found Damon and Blunt to both be utterly charming and sweet and real. The movie as a whole wasn’t anything to write home about, but the romance? ADORABLE.

So if theological queries regarding fate and free will and destiny don’t sound like they’d float your boat, at least you’ll get to see two really attractive people flirt and be awesome together.


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