I’m baaaaaaack!

Oh, hey there internet!

Ok, so I haven’t given up on this. I swear. But the last few months have been a bit of a gong show for me. I could offer all sorts of excuses – Blah blah blah, my computer crashed! Blah blah blah, super busy at work! Blah blah blah, no time to write! But the truth, the honest to God truth is, I’ve been bummed the eff out for the last while. Loneliness, self-pity and shitty weather do not a writing machine make. But no more, people! I need to get my shit together! The reason for starting this up again was to change my super crappy situation and be proactive in not being lonely and pathetic anymore. Abandoning this won’t help with that, will it? So let’s quickly run down all I’ve done since last we spoke, internet! Because while I may have been too big of a sad sack to write about it, I didn’t give up on all my resolutions. So here we go!


So I’ve managed to see 8 movies since we last spoke, internet! This puts me just shy of a quarter way through my “100 movies in 2011” resolution! And with summer movie season beginning, and me getting over my hangup of seeing movies alone (more on that later) I am confident this list will grow in the next three months. Quick run-down of each one:

The Gay Divorcee (#16) – How had I never seen this?! I am so ashamed of myself! I thought I’d seen all of Fred and Ginger’s singin’, dancin’ swoonfests! It was fantastic, of course, and now I feel complete.

Limitless (#17) – Confession: I only saw this because a friend from work and his wife wanted to see it. And I… really wanted to hang out with someone that wasn’t my mom. I need to make friends.I have a long history of seeing movies I have no real desire to see for the sake of potential friendship. Other forgettable films I’ve sat through for the sake of going to a movie with someone I want to like me and become friends with: The Amazing Panda Adventure, 15 Minutes, The Sentinel, and Fighting. Limitless now makes the list. Not terrible, not fantastic, and I’ll probably forget all about it in a year or so. But Bradley Cooper sure is fun to look at!

Lolita (#18) – Books on Film Club! What would I do without you? Tried to read the book, didn’t finish (surprise, surprise.) Watched the movie and while I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it either. Peter Sellers, I enjoy you, but I could never really tell if I was supposed to take you seriously or not.

The Princess and the Frog (#19) – It took me forever to finally see this one. Thanks to Allison for lending it to me! It was super cute and I now listen to the soundtrack constantly. Oh Ray, you adorable little Cajun firebug, how I love you…

Scream 4 (#20) – Ok, so the movie itself was mostly “meh.” The ending was cheesy as all hell, I was not impressed with Emma Roberts at ALL, and I was hoping for some more twists, or at least to be shocked by some of the deaths, something! Not so much. (Sidenote: I did enjoy the beginning. Totally warped and meta and a little confusing, but also funny. I’ll take it!) However, this movie deserves some special recognition because it is the one I finally, finally, went by myself to see. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad! My only real problem with seeing movies alone now is that I lack anyone to talk to about it afterwards, and can’t make whispered sarcastic comments to anyone. But that’s what you’re here for, internet! We’re getting summer movie season and there’s about a dozen different movies I am desperate to see, so hopefully my next solo venture won’t be too long in coming.

Bandslam (# 21) – Ok, so my dad has a weird obsession with this movie. Not in a creepy way, even though Vanessa Hudgens is in it, he just likes it. He thinks it’s funny, that the music is solid, and he is constantly telling me how “impressive” it is that they all play their own instruments. After hearing about the film for weeks, he finally made me watch it. Honestly, it’s not as bad as I was expecting. Whoever did the marketing for that film was determined to get the High School Musical/Camp Rock tweens to come a runnin’, and totally abandoned the prospect of getting anyone over 15 to see it. but the movie is actually a little darker, more sarcastic than all that. I admit it: I laughed once or twice. And Vanessa Hudgens isn’t in it nearly as much as I expected her to be, so that was a pleasant surprise. Also, David Bowie! So overall, yeah, not terrible. Well-played, father.

The Other Guys (#22) – God I love me some funny Mark Wahlberg. Anyone else remember him and Will Ferrell hanging from the ceiling, cussing and ragging on Tom Felton from the MTV Movie Awards last year? Pretty much guaranteed I’d have to see the movie at some point. First half was significantly funnier than the second half for me, but Steve Coogan? Michael Keaton quoting TLC? Mark Wahlberg doing impressive ballet moves? Can’t go wrong, really.

The English Patient (# 23) – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The following pretty much sums up my reaction the The English Patient:

On the upside, I got to meet the author, Michael Ondaatje, and get him to autograph my book. That was kinda cool.

Other updates!

* I read the Hunger Games trilogy, FINALLY. If you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry, you will. When these movies come out it’s going to be Twilight all over again. Except, you know, not terrible. Anyway, they’re dark and they’re exciting and they’re moving and the last one pretty much left me a hollowed out shell. But in a good way? Read them, you’ll understand. Also, that’s three books, done! Suck it, resolution #3!

* I also read Bossypants and holy hell, as if I didn’t already worship and adore Tina Fey enough. Read this book. It’s funny, it’s insightful, it’s honest and while I’ve never been a hardcore feminist, I really enjoyed all the “Rah rah, girl power!” sentiment in the book. Also, bonus, my boss has taken to putting audiobooks on my computer so I can listen to them as I do quality control all day. Trust me, the book is 100 times funnier when you get to listen to Tina herself read it to you, doing the voices of everyone else as she goes. Glorious. Tina Fey, you are my heroine. And by heroine, I mean “lady hero.” I don’t mean I want to inject you and listen to jazz.

* The other audiobook my boss provided? Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollows. I mentioned how excited I was for the final movie, but how I forget a lot of the book and the next thing I knew I was listening to a very pleasant British accent re-enact the assault on Hogwarts while I tried to pay attention to what I was doing. If I thought I was excited before, boy howdy…

* Went to see Ghost Stories with my friend from work, Nic. First, I think my goal of making a new friend should count as being achieved. I technically met Nic before the new year, but he’s easily my closest friend in this city right now, and a lot of that friendship has developed in the last few months. Also, I’ve been spending time with his wife Nanda as well and she’s a total doll. I hope to become as close with her over the summer as I am Nic.

ANYWAY! Saw Ghost Stories. It was incredible. I jumped more than once. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might get a chance to see it, but I will say that the story is intriguing, the minimal effects are impressive, and the use of sound and lighting is really clever. After the show we met Nanda, went book shopping, and ate McDonald’s. I got to wander around Toronto, hang out with awesome people, and see a spooky show. Take that, sadness! Spring and I will kick your ass!

* Saw Memphis in movie theatres. In an awesome attempt to get Broadway musicals out to a broader audience, select theatres were showing screenings of the 2010 Tony Award winner and, in a bid to avoid having to pay $100 to see the touring company on stage, my mother and I decided to spend $20 to see the original cast on the big screen. Well, that totally backfired. The show was incredible, so incredible, my mom and I left the theatre going, “Well, that didn’t work. So, we’re seeing that when it comes here, right? And we’re getting super awesome tickets whatever the price?” Yeah. So come December I’ll being seeing this one AGAIN, and loving every minute of it. The music, the story, and the acting! Holy shit! Chad Kimball, I have such a giant crush on you now sir. Your performance was mind-blowing. I heart you.

* Finally finished a book for Books on Film! Hallelujah! Also, that’s five books down! Double Indemnity was decent, though not as suspenseful as I would have expected. I’m excited for the movie on Monday though. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when this series ends, I’ve grown very fond of my monthly get together with other film nerds and book lovers and my gal pal K-Bo. Maybe once this ends I’ll look into a dance class. Or learning that new skill I was so damned determined to learn by next year. Any suggestions as to what I should learn? I’m open to ideas!

Alright internet, I think that’s it for now. But know this! I will be back. I swear it. I will not give up on this, nor on the 20 promises I made to myself 5 months ago to make my life suck less. I will try my damndest to update this thing as regularly as possible, which I think might be a little easier now that all my shows have ended and we’re getting into the wasteland that is summer TV.


2 responses to “I’m baaaaaaack!

  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re back!There’s a bunch of stuff I want to say about this.
    Did I see the Sentinel with you. Or was that Heather. Or you and Heather? Was that a bonding experience? Also, I lov ethat you finally watched Bandslam after hearing the stories of your dad and that movie, I can’t believed you finally ave in.

    I am jealous of the following: Bossypants and Deathly Hollows audiobooks, book shopping and especially Memphis.

    Also, maybe we could do a long distance books to movies thing. Not that it really worked out for us last time, but I do like both things so maybe if we’re dedicated enough it work out. And we would get to choose them, so we could choose short ones. Or kids ones. Maybe just fairy tales.

  2. Hahaha we did indeed see The Sentinel together – you, me and Heather, right after we moved in together. It was indeed a bonding experience, but not a particularly good film.

    I like that fairy tale suggestion. Mostly because it would indirectly lead to a Disney movie club.

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