What.. what is this salty discharge from my eyes?

I’m not a crier.

That’s not my thing; stiff upper lip and all that. And I especially, especially don’t get weepy over movies and television. I mean, I find them sad, I get sad of course, I’m not soulless. But tears? No way. The only movie I have a clear memory of sobbing over is My Girl – that was two years ago. when I was home alone on a Friday night, PMS-ing, and texting my best friend telling her not to get stung by bees and die or I’d be really mad at her. And I can count on one hand the number of television episodes that left me in tears. Let’s count ’em down, shall we? In chronological order!

* Buffy and Angel’s goodbye in “I Will Remember You” (Angel, Season One, Episode Eight)

I distinctly remember my brother walking past my room right after this ended – he walked by, came back, stopped, stared. “Are you crying?!” He wasn’t mocking me; he was genuinely afraid.

* Meredith having to put down Doc on in the season two finale,  “Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response” (Grey’s Anatomy, Season Two, Episode Twenty-Six)

To be fair, this aired the year my cousin died, and about a year after my dog died, so I was a wreck just generally speaking.

* The ending of Futurama‘s “Jurassic Bark” episode (Futurama, Season Five, Episode Two)

In case you can’t tell, I have a thing about dogs. Also, this might not pack the same emotional punch it does if you watch the whole episode, but trust me: when that song started, I was a WRECK.

* The series three finale of Being Human (Being Human, Series Three, Episode Eight)

(Not embedded to avoid spoilers. Click here to be spoiled!)

Well. We can add Doctor Who‘s season two finale to the list.

Fuck. I am a MESS. Just re-watching it again has me in tears! What the hell is wrong with me?! How did I get so invested in these two?! And how am I going to continue this series now?!

Oh, yeah, I’m into Doctor Who now. Because clearly what I was lacking in my life was more super nerdy things to geek out over. Boys like that, right? Super nerdy obsessions?


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