Hey, wanna see how Sandra’s spending her Festival?

Thursday, September 8th:

Noonish: Sleep in as late as I can since I’ll need all the rest I can get for the coming weeks.

OR (more likely)…

8:00am: Wake up and either rush Melancholia at 9:30, Restless at 11, or The Love We Make at 11:30. Still haven’t decided yet. Oh, and somewhere in there, eat something.

4:00pm: Rush The Ides Of March. Resign myself to another Festival where I only get to see Mr. Clooney on screen. Take comfort in the knowledge that I’m going to see Drive with Ryan Gosling there, or die trying.

6:00pm: Hopefully I will convince some TIFF buddies to get dinner with me before the Opening Night Party so I don’t have to show up alone, one of my irrational fears.

10:00pm: Dance it up at the Opening Night Party. Likely make a fool of myself dancing without inhibition and without the aid of alcohol.

Undetermined time?: Trudge home. Pass out.

Friday, September 9th:

Noonish: Again, sleep in and try to take advantage of the opportunity.

OR (less likely after a night of dancing, but still not impossible)…

8:00am: Wake up and rush My Worst Nightmare at 9:30, or Pariah at 11. I’m leaning towards Pariah, if only to sleep in a little more.

11:09 am or 12:26pm (depending on the film): Leave the movie and go home and nap. Or get coerced into rushing another film. The latter is entirely plausible. Also, again, eat something somewhere in there.

5:00pm: Begin my first shift at the AMC box office. Try not to panic over the fact that I’ve yet to actually work on a cash.

10:15pm: Finish my shift and go home. Resist the temptation to check out God Bless America at Midnight Madness.

Saturday, September 10th:

10:00am: The Artist! Very excited. First official ticket of The Festival now in use, and on a film that sold out fast. Feel a little smug but try to contain it.

11:30am: Book it from the screening of The Artist to the Isabel Bader theatre for the 12:30 screening of Friends With Kids. Double check google maps to ensure I know where the hell Isabel Bader is. Cross my fingers that Adam Scott will be there. And Jon Hamm. Mostly Adam though. Hopefully have time to stop and shove some street meat in my mouth, or at least buy candy to sneak in.

2:30pm: Linger as long as possible if any celebrities are there, before running my ass to my shift at AMC at 3pm. Grumble to myself about how I’m missing Goon and Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope. Hopefully take comfort in the pictures of Adam Scott I have.

11:00pm: Finish my shift. Contemplate hitting Midnight Madness to try and rush You’re Next, simply because the picture on the TIFF description page intrigued me. Remember that I want to Rush Drive at 9am the next day. Hem and haw for awhile. Decision to be determined.

Sunday, September 11th:

7:00am: Wake up and RUN to the Lightbox. Pray the Rush line for Drive is still minimal at that point. Pray even harder that I can get in.

12:00pm: Take This Waltz screening. If all goes to plan, I will show up with food in my belly, pictures on my camera, and a smile on my face from a Ryan Gosling-induced haze. Cross fingers that the cast or even just the director will make an appearance at this show.

3:15pm: AMC shift. Will likely be a little tired. Will thankfully have a Starbucks just below and will more than likely drink my weight in peppermint hot chocolates by Festival’s end.

11:15pm: Once again, will find myself RUNNING. Must get to Ryerson from AMC as fast as possible for the Midnight Madness showing of Livid. Have a ticket, so I know I’ll get in, but worry about the crowds and being stuck in a lousy seat. Pray I get lucky.

1:30am: Trudge to the nearest subway. Contemplate the merits of rushing any films in the morning. Will likely decide that Glen Close dressed as a dude is not worth the lack of sleep.

Monday, September 12th:

Noonish: Finally sleep in. Eat a real meal and maybe even have a proper bath and not a hurried, ten minute shower. Depends when I drag my carcass out of bed.

2:00pm: My fifth ticket – Extraterrestrial. Second year in a row I’ve chosen a Spanish film I know little about beyond the description. Wonder if this is Jose’s Spanish Cinema class still haunting me…

4:00pm: Eat a real, proper dinner. Likely my first one in days. No hot dogs or KD or fast food allowed.

5:30pm: AMC shift. Once more find myself grousing internally about not being able to see a film – this time, 50/50, which was number one on my list since mid-summer. Comfort myself with the knowledge I’ll see Joseph Gordon-Levitt later in the evening at hitREcord. Pray my shift doesn’t run late.

10:30pm: If possible, try and leave work a little early. If not, run like the wind to the Lightbox so I can get good seats for hitREcord at 11:oopm. Should already have two or three friends going, hopefully one of them can save me a spot. Prepare myself for an evening of swooning.

Tuesday, September 13th:

8:00am: Depending on how I feel, possibly be up and out the door to rush Butter. My faith in myself is not high though.

10:15am: Try and convince myself I can rush Sleeping Beauty, which ends at 11:56, and still make it to Ryerson at noon to see The Oranges.

12:00pm: Come to my senses and mourn my inability to see Sleeping Beauty and get something to eat instead. Settle for watching Dr. House have an affair with C.J. Cregg’s daughter, Blair Waldorf.

If this promo still is any indication, Maeby does not approve. Seth Cohen seems indifferent.

3:00pm: Back at the AMC. Get really bitter that Goon is playing again, right in the middle of my shift, AT the AMC. Keep my eyes peeled for Jay Baruchel. Try and convince myself there could totally be a reason for him to come the box office. No such reason exists, but I like to keep hope alive.

10:30pm: Finish at a decent hour. Decide a French film about dirty cops isn’t worth another night of too little sleep, decide to quit while I’m ahead and head home.

Wednesday, September 14th:

8:00am: Wake up and rush either A Monster In Paris or Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope. Still incredibly torn between the two. Feel like it’s more likely I’ll be able to see Comic-Con outside the Festival, but still want to see it so bad I can see forgoing a beautiful looking French cartoon. Decision to be determined.

12:00pm: Head from whatever film I end up rushing straight to Ryerson for Like Crazy. Hope to sneak a peek of Anton Yelchin. Feel old and gross for thinking he’s adorable.

1:30pm: Film ends, I seriously contemplate rushing another movie – maybe A Happy Event at 2:15, or maybe try and rush Butter at 2:30 if I forgo it on the 13th.

5:00pm: AMC. By this point, I’m hoping I’ll have it all down pat and I can just go through the motions. This is the point in The Festival where I’ll either be about to break, or coming into my second wind, so to speak.

10:15pm: Shift ends. I take stock of my mental and physical capacities. Do I have it in me to rush another Midnight Madness? Lovely Molly sounds intriguing… Assuming I’m not dead on my feet or sick as a dog, will likely try and rush.

Thursday September 15th:

9:15am: Once again, try in vain to convince myself that I am The Flash and can make it from Intruders, which gets out at 10:55 at Scotiabank, to the Elgin Theatre for my 11:00am showing of Jeff, Who Lives At Home.

11:00am: Once again, find myself begrudgingly accepting that a film I want to see is just not plausible due to scheduling. Go to Jeff, Who Lives At Home, secretly hope Jason Segel makes an appearance (highly doubtful) and enjoy a quirky little comedy instead of a dark psychological thriller.

12:30pm: Finish my film and find myself without another film to rush or anything to do before my shift. Will likely consult other TIFF buddies to see what they’re doing and possibly tag along. And, you know, eat something.

5:15pm: Another AMC shift. Will likely be too tired to grumble about missed viewing opportunities. Will ingest large quantities of hot chocolate and try and keep myself focused by going over all the movies I’ve seen thus far in my head and writing little review for them which will likely not get posted on here until, like, October.

10:15pm: Once again find myself facing a dilemma – how tired am I? Too tired for a post-apocalyptic survivor film? Cuz I do so enjoy those… Strongly consider rushing Midnight Madness again so I can see The Day. My previous nights’ experiences will greatly factor into this decision.

Friday, September 16th:

11:00am: Head to my screening of Hysteria, one of my last tickets. Not sure what I’ll think of a period piece about  the invention of vibrators starring Hugh Dancy, but I’m very excited. Seriously hope the cast and crew are there for a Q&A afterwards, look forward to the questions they’ll be fielding…

3:15pm: After eating, try and rush The Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best. However, if rushing The Day doesn’t work the previous night, may try rushing that again… Decision to be determined.

5:30pm: Settle in for a long shift. Lots of Starbucks. Lots of vitamins.

11:45pm: Leave AMC. Go home. No rushing, no Midnight Madness, just sleep. Precious sleep.

Saturday, September 17th:

9:00am: Last ticket! Trudge to see The Awakening at Scotiabank. Cross fingers that it’s an engrossing ghost story, not a boring one. At this point, I’ll need something to engage my interest. Your move, Rebecca Hall.

10:46am: Film ends; I contemplate whether its feasible and/or worth it to go home and sleep for two hours. Will likely decide it’d be more hindrance than help, will probably wander around instead.

1:30pm: My earliest AMC shift, which also means it’s done the earliest. Heaven help me, I might actually make it to some evening screenings!

8:30pm: Giddily leave the AMC and head to the Lightbox to attempt to Rush Martha Marcy May Marlene at 9:45pm. Hope against hope I get in.

11:30pm: Consider rushing another Midnight Madness, but will likely decide against it. The Festival is winding down and I suspect my body will be too.

Sunday September 18th:

9:00am: Last day! I give strong consideration to rushing one last film, Violet & Daisy. Saoirse Ronan and Alexis Bledel as teen assassins is certainly enticing… but so is sleep. Decision to be determined.

2:00pm: Last shift at the AMC! Hopefully it won’t be too slow and boring so I won’t come close to passing out. Or, conversely, it’s so slow and boring I get sent home early.

8:30pm: Consider skipping the Closing Night Party, but likely as not will end up being coerced into going. Missed it last year on account of sickness and nothing less than the same body-shutting-down disease will be an acceptable excuse this year.

Undetermined time?: Trudge home, exhausted, exhilarated, and completely useless. Remember I start a new project at a new company Monday morning. Try not to cry as I think about having to go back to the real world and my real life.


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