Presented without any proof reading! My hurried scribbles throughout my first day at TIFF. Stay tuned for more each day, I’ll try to keep this up…

* Left the house at 8, but miscalculated the scale of commuter foot traffic. Thank god for friends holding a spot in the Rush line.

* 9:15 – Looper! First movie of my Fest and what a way to start. I predict becoming obsessed with this flick in the near future. JGL is glorious and does a mind-blowing Bruce Willis. He doesn’t impersonate him so much as embody him and at times it was downright spooky.

* Looper let out at 11:15 and we had 15 min to get to our Thermae Romae screening. Because Heather is my personal good luck charm we make it in perfect time.

* Thermae Romae was cute and silly but dude next to me was not feeling it. Everytime we laughed he’d give us this look like, “I’m sorry? You’re actually enjoying this? PFFFFFTTTT”. Eventually he got up and walked out, crossly muttering “Stupid movie!” as he departed. Oh, and a dude behind me was snoring through the entire second half of the flick. Clearly not as crowd-pleasing as Heather and I considered it.

* Get out from the movie to join the Rush line for Argo. Heather is kind enough to offer to get us Starbucks and I realize I haven’t eaten since a hurried fried egg before leaving the house. I scarf down some chips from my bag as well.

* As the movie time grows nigh and I take in the size of our line I start to have misgivings about us getting in. “We’ll get in,” Heather states confidently. She is correct, but our seats leave something to be desired (front row… Eesh)

* The movie is so bloody tense I think Heather and I are going to poop out our hearts. I mean that in the best possible way, guys. It was great but if you’re not familiar with the story, very edge of your seat.

* Split up from my movie buddies and hit a hot dog stand. It’s… Not great. Note to self: make a sandwich to bring with you tomorrow. It’s worth it.

* Line up for my Jason Reitman American Beauty reading. Apparently Woody Harrelson was stuck in Hawaii? Little bummed. Spend line time bonding with new TIFF box office buddy.

* Live reading starts late, but oh man was it worth it. Bryan Cranston, Christina Hendricks, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, George Stroumboulopoulos, Mae Whitman, Adam Driver and Sarah Gadon. Forget what I said about Woody not being there, Nick Kroll NAILED it. And Cranston is the only human being capable of the Lester Burnham role who is not Kevin Spacey.

* Christina Hendricks screaming out, “FUCK ME YOUR MAJESTY!!” is a moment I will never forget.

* Reading ends, crowd goes wild, I want more. I wish I could have seen the other live readings Jason Reitman has organized.

* Get outside and the red carpet for On The Road is in full swing. Look, it’s Kirsten Dunst! And here comes K-Stew! Too bad I don’t care enough to fight the crowd.

* Get home and get ready for the party. Dolled up and ready to go, head over around 11.

* Party Time! Food is better, and the atmosphere is decent but the party is split between three buildings/areas and none of them seem to be interested in dancing. Spend time being goofy in the photo booth and eating ice cream with my friends.


1) Leave ten minutes earlier than originally planned to accommodate commuter traffic.

2) Heather has pink hair now, making her SUPER easy to find when she’s saving me a spot in line.

3) Time travel may be full of paradoxes that will fry your brain but it is still pretty damn cool.

4) Creepy kids in movies are scarier than the scariest monsters.

5) People take their Japanese farce WAY too seriously.

6) everyone in the late 70s/early 80s had the same awful Hall & Oates hair situation.

7) Rory Cochrane is in Argo?!

8) Bryan Cranston is delightful. Oh wait, I already knew that one…

9) Nick Kroll is a very funny comedian but he is also more than capable of holding his own in a dramatic role.

10) Sliders made with nothing but meat are delicious.


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