* Less foot traffic this morning, was able to get Starbucks. Not sure if this was due to my leaving a little earlier or just dumb luck, but I’ll take it.

* Found another TIFF buddy in line who was also there to rush Lore. It’s always nice to find someone to chat in line with while I wait.

* Lore was good, pretty much as depressing as I expected. The lead actress was pretty phenomenal.

* Next up: Imagine. Decent, I liked it, didn’t love it though. The story revolves around a group of blind people and I don’t know what gave me a bigger aneurysm – watching them almost walk into traffic MULTIPLE times, or watching the lead PULL OUT HIS GLASS EYES. Jesus. I think I died for 45 seconds, easy.

* After Imagine I tried to see if Imogene was worth trying to rush. It was not. I couldn’t even really get close enough to chill by the red carpet and take pics so I just went to the mall to eat.

* First shift at my venue and only ONE printer was working. The only person I recognize from last year is Vanya who works the lines. My Supervisor is amazing, but he’s just covering a shift and is in way over his head. Quite the hectic day.

* Tried rushing Seven Psychopaths. I saved a spot for Vanya in line, as is allowed, and she let a friend join us. Then they let a friend join them. Then they let a couple friends join them. By the end about 14 people had back-butted me and I felt AWFUL. Note to self – tomorrow, don’t let ANYONE butt in.

* As if karma had looked down and shook her head disapprovingly at us, we did not get in to the film. We did however see Clark Gregg walk pass on his way to see the movie so that was delightfully thrilling!


1) P&I screenings are pretty invaluable to my Festival experience. Rushing a movie almost always turns out much better for me when it is not a public film. This is a realization that makes me uneasy when I think about the public screenings I hope to rush.

2) While it didn’t rain, it constantly looked like it was going to. An umbrella might be a good idea to add to my Festival survival kit, aka my purse.

3) Never underestimate the popularity of a film, especially if it’s a Premium screening. Doesn’t matter if it’s showing at midnight on a college campus on a night looking like its destined to rain, the line will be ridiculous and there will be people dressed to the nines or trying to butt in line.

4) After a two hour wait in line and a shift from hell, Vanya (a fellow TIFF-er from last year) and I bonded. We should probably just be BFFs already.


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