* Looks pretty rainy out there, I should probably bring an umbrella…


* Got to the rush screening for What Maisie Knew and I am SOAKED. My feet, my pants, basically I just looked like someone dunked the lower half of my body in a pool. I don’t handle being in wet clothes well, so I am not comfortable at ALL.

* What Maisie Knew was heartbreakingly good. The cast was all great, but the little girl playing Maisie was particularly captivating. Sad and sweet film.

* Maisie ends and I decide to take the subway so I can make it to my screening of The Place Beyond The Pines in time. Little did I know, the subway isn’t running that way this weekend due to construction. This is probably going to screw me over tomorrow too, so make a mental note to figure out another route.

* Run out of the subway and then RUN all the way to Ryerson. At least it’s not raining as hard?

* Got to the theatre in time, but only balcony seats were left. Not impressed. Mostly just with myself. I feel like I dropped the ball this year with my planning.

* Movie is really good, and really surprising. It started about how I expected, but then took a weird turn. It was an almost epic tale told over 20 years, but with an indie vibe.

* Ryan Gosling does not make an appearance. I can’t lie, it was a bit of a bummer, but the director did show and told some pretty cool stories.

* Decide to go to Swiss Chalet to eat before work. Server recognizes me – apparently Michael and I eat there WAY too often.

* My shift starts strong, with the morning supervisor essentially saying I’m her favorite. Evening supervisor brings us Timbits and I decide I love my coworkers.

* After much consideration, I ended up taking off my shoes and putting on dry socks. I just couldn’t sit for 8 hours in cold wet socks. Ended up spending my shift in sock feet.

* Got talked into rushing Midnight Madness again, despite my misgivings about rain. Vanya is too much fun to say no to.

* Made friends with two guys in line named Donny and Matt, aka Puddles. They were funny and charming and I enjoyed talking with them. By pure chance we ended up seating in the same row as them too.

* Seated in the balcony, I settle in for No One Lives. It is bloody, gory, and ridiculously funny (though I’m not sure if it was intentional or not?) glad I stuck it out but good GOD am I tired.


1) CHECK THE BLOODY WEATHER. Dress appropriately. Bring backup clothes.

2) The subway is doing construction this weekend, thus cutting off some of my commuter route. Might want to keep that in mind…

3) The DP of The Place Beyond The Pines suffered a concussion when trying to film in The Death Ball. It sounds awful, but Derek Cianfrance told it in a very humorous fashion.

4) I eat at the same Swiss Chalet WAY too much.

5) There is nothing in this world I under appreciate more than dry socks.

6) There is a fellow known in Canadian political circles as “Puddles” after he fell in a reflecting pool. He is hilarious.


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