* Skipped my morning rushes. I was barely able to wake up to see a movie at 11:15, no way I was making it to an 8:30 show.

* Rushed The Iceman, but due to its popularity I didn’t get in until 20 minutes into the flick and watched from the front row. I hate missing the start of films, it’s a major pet peeve, so add that to the crummy seats and the rude fellow next to me checking his phone every ten minutes and you could say my movie going experience was less than ideal. Michael Shannon’s performance was as cold and detached as the title would suggest, but I feel like I need to see it again to appreciate it.

* At one point, Heather very politely asked the gentleman next to me to turn off his phone. He stared at her like she had three heads.

* Left Iceman to immediately line up for The Impossible. Thankfully I get into this one with time to spare and a decent seat. I settle in for a moving tale of a family’s survival in the aftermath of a tsunami.




* in case I haven’t been clear, The Impossible just about wrecked me. I am not a crier by nature but watching Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor struggle to survive and find their kids and each other was just… Wow. And the kids!! The performances by those kids had me beside myself. Definitely one I’d keep my eye on, folks.

* Leave The Impossible a total mess, head to Hero Burger for some fries and a shake to cheer me up. It worked.

* Get to work early and the morning supervisor asks me point blank why I’m not a supervisor myself already and would I be interested in being one. I said ” yes please?” so she said she was going to make a point of recommending me in her write up post-Fest. This is a very helpful stepping stone in my goal to get TIFF to employ me forever and always, please and thanks.

* Shift was incredibly quiet and simple. Nice change of pace, but it did nothing to wake me up. Vanya and another coworker try to convince me to rush Rob Zombie’s latest at Midnight Madness. I firmly declined, on account of the sleepiness.


1) The older I get, the more emotional I am, apparently. Especially when it comes to kids.

2) It is absolutely astounding the injuries and atrocities people can live through.

3) David Schwimmer is practically unrecognizable with a mustache and ponytail.

4) Without even meaning to, I often take on a leadership role at work. I think that means I’m bossy…

5) Another person called me “Sharon” today. I think that means I look like a Sharon. Not sure whether that’s good or not…


2 responses to “TIFF 2012 – DAY FIVE

  1. As another Sandra, I’m often “Susan”.

    On my way home in half an hour to Vancouver after 19 films at TIFF. Will peruse your blog further after the flight.

    Doppelgangers in media perhaps?

    • A fellow non-Sandra Sandra! It always baffles me because I’ve found “Sandra”
      To be a somewhat unique name, why so hard to remember?

      Thanks for reading, I’m glad you like it! I hope you enjoyed your time at TIFF, as the Festival draws to a close I find myself feeling simultaneously sad and relieved, as I often do haha.

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