* After much internal debate the night before, I decide to forgo the morning rush for Arthur Newman, sleep in, then head straight to Ryerson for Disconnect at noon. If subways were running properly I would be able to make my intended schedule work but this construction nonsense has totally frigged up all my plans.

* Disappointed that Alexander Skarsgard is not at the Disconnect screening, but the director is, as well as another actor in the film, Frank Grillo. The movie is pretty damn good, full of moments that had the whole audience gasping in unison. Frank Grillo is quite handsome in real life so I had a bit of a crush on him by the end of the Q&A.

* Leave Disconnect and think about rushing The Paperboy at Scotia. I can make it there in time, but I won’t have time to eat and will have to take a cab to get to work on time. That seems like a lot of unnecessary effort so I just go to the mall to eat something.

* Work is so much fun. I have bonded with my coworkers and my supervisor has the best sense of humor. We spent most of the shift debating Batman movies and doing Bane impressions.

* Lucas came in today! We worked together last year but he is at Ryerson this year so it was nice to get to catch up with him for awhile.

* Shift is over and I head to Ryerson for The Bay. I actually got my hands on a ticket this time, but that means waiting alone in the ticket holders line.

* Heather joins me in line! She is not used to being at Midnight Madness so early, it’s a new sensation for her. We get in and save seats for her friends while we await The Bay.

* The Bay had quite the effect on the Midnight Madness audience. I’m used to shouts, applause, laughter, jeers, etc. But Barry Levinson’s eco-horror pic had freaked the audience into silence. Except for the legitimate screams of terror scattered throughout. The film freaked me right out, parasites and things in, on or under the skin give me the heebie jeebies, so I was seriously reconsidering eating the fish sitting in my freezer from the lake. Buh.


1) While I really am in walking distance from most of the theatres, the time it takes to make those walks is not always conducive with multiple screenings in a day. I need the subway.

2) The Internet is totally scary.

3) My Bane impression is awful.

4) The 2 foot isopod someone googled in The Bay is a REAL THING and I am never sleeping soundly again.

5) Barry Levinson basically tricked everyone into seeing a ecological exposé / environmental pseudo-documentary by disguising it as a horror flick. He’s kind of a genius.

6) Seeing only two movies in a day makes me feel like a total slacker. Which is just ridiculous. But true nonetheless.


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