* Waking up was pretty painful this time. I have a noon screening of Love, Marilyn to get to and I can barely lift my head. Festival hangover is finally starting to hit me.


* Get to Bloor cinema and Christ on a cracker is it HOT outside in the ticket holder’s line. I legitimately feel like I’m melting and thank my lucky stars I didn’t have time to get a Starbucks before getting in line.

* While waiting to go in, I witnessed a woman do a full-on face plant on the sidewalk in front of me. I audibly gasped like a scandalized old lady, but it scared me! She was alright, thankfully, just a skinned elbow. But then three other people almost wiped out in the same spot. I suspect the sidewalk is deceptively uneven there, so watch your step in front of Bloor Hot Docs.

* As I wait, I do some mental math – I told some friends I’d meet them at Scotia to rush Ghost Graduation at 2:30, but the movie could get out as late as 2:15. Resolve to take a cab if my time is looking tight.

* Love, Marilyn was fascinating, a more in-depth examination of Marilyn the woman vs Marilyn the icon. I enjoyed hearing various actors read the letters and journals (Ben Foster as Norman Mailer was particularly captivating) and getting to see interviews from back in the day, as well as surviving friends of hers who can remember and share personal stories. One such personal friend was Amy Greene, whose family Marilyn lived with for a time, and to whom she gossiped and confided in about her relationships.

* After the movie there is a Q&A with the director and, surprise! Amy Greene is here! She tells some stories about Marilyn and answers some questions and it’s wonderful. I start to get a little antsy though as I watch the time creep closer and closer to 2:30.

* Run out of the theatre and grab a cab to Scotia. While not the most frugal option, it turns out to be the more practical one because it literally gets me to the theatre with just enough time to catch my breath, say hi to friends, then head on in.

* Ghost Graduation was delightful. The Sixth Sense meets The Breakfast Club, it’s about dead high school students from the 80s and the one teacher who is the only person who can see them. It was absolutely hilarious and I was laughing pretty hard numerous times.

* Movie ends and my coworker Sonia and I begin the walk to Yonge and Dundas for work. We make it with time to spare, so I grab a Starbucks before heading up. I am definitely feeling the effects of the Fest now and I am pretty damn exhausted.

* Start kicking myself for getting tickets to Come Out and Play at Midnight Madness, especially because if I bail, I’m screwing over my friend Michael as well who I’d acquired a ticket for. Resolve to stick it out and just keep slapping my face to stay awake.

* OMG I AM SO TIRED IT HURTS. HURTS. I am now regretting my poor planning this year. Midnight Madness tonight and then a 9:30 film tomorrow? GUH.

* Thanks to Ghost Graduation, I spend the shift humming “Total Eclipse of the Heart” over and over. When the shift ends, Sonia and I play the song on YouTube while we cash out and sing along a little more loudly than is really necessary. Gets the song out of our heads though!

* Time for Midnight Madness! Michael meets me and we line up to get in. Between our fairly early arrival time and the delayed finish of the preceding Midnight Madness, I start to get the head droops. At one point I literally just lay my head on Michael’s shoulder and take little micro naps. I fear I won’t last the film.

* So the director of the film is this guy named Makinov and he is apparently crazy. Ok, not really, but he refuses to reveal his identity, wears a mask on set, and sent a video manifesto to show before his film because he wouldn’t reveal his face even to get past customs to come to Canada. The manifesto is weird and a little pretentious, but whatever.

* Holy hell, was that movie ever bad. And not even, like, “so bad it’s kinda funny!” bad, just bad. The writing, the acting, the incredibly ridiculous sequence of events… All I could do was apologize repeatedly to Michael for dragging him into this.

* Film mercifully ends and since the director isn’t there, there is no Q&A. I can’t even imagine how that would have gone so it’s probably a good thing.


1) I am not able to function on as little sleep as I used to be.

2) When I see people fall on film, I can’t help but laugh. When it happens in person I am beyond horrified.

3) Marilyn Monroe wrote some poetry and it’s actually quite lovely.

4) Whatever rumors may surround Marilyn’s death, her close friends truly believe it was an accident.

5) “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is damned near impossible to get out of your head.

6) I do not care for Makinov.

7) Spanish children are creepy.


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