* Have a ticket for Passion at 9:30. Haven’t heard anything good about it and start to wonder if it might be worth sleeping in. I am rather tired… Man up and decide that I got a ticket and I will use that ticket, dammit! Besides, maybe it’s not as bad as everyone has said.

* It is as bad as everyone has said. Just… Just bad. Predictable, uninteresting, weird for the sake of weird… Not one to seek out post-Festival.

* Consider rushing a film around noon, but I really want to see Revolution at 2:30 and don’t want to risk missing it. Decide to go home and eat instead.

* First time this Fest I’ve been home in the middle of the day. It’s almost bizarre. I eat, then curl up on the couch to watch a little TV and, yeah, maybe nap a little. I make a deal with myself: if I sleep through Revolution then clearly my body needed it and I will accept that as fate. But if I wake up of my own accord to make it in time for the rush, then I am obligated to go. I swear I slept no more than 30 minutes before I woke back up. Clearly, the universe thinks I should go see this movie.

* Rush Revolution and get in. Have a bit of trouble where the box office gives me a ticket for the wrong movie, then takes FOREVER to print me a new one. I am patient, because I know what it’s like and I also KNOW most of them since they’re the day staff for my box office. Still, all the praise from the morning supervisor this year is starting to make sense…

* Revolution is Rob Stewart’s follow-up to Sharkwater and it is a sobering look at the decline of our environment and just how bleak it has become. And Canada is one of the worst perpetrators! That’s depressing.

* Rob is there for a Q&A afterwards and is so passionate and so committed that it makes me want to do something. What, I don’t know, but I sincerely hope his film gets the exposure he seeks and changes can be made before it is too late.

* Work is a blast, I love my coworkers and wish they were my coworkers for always. My supervisor gives me crap (teasingly) for giving up my Sunday shift, our last shift as a team, but I promise to come to the party Monday so all is forgiven. Now I just have to fight off the Festival Flu I can feel building so I can actually make it to the party.

* Skip Midnight Madness. The ABCs of Death looks fascinating and I will probably seek it out at a later date, but I am tired and have a movie in the morning and have no desire to hang out at Ryerson until 2:30 watching 26 different on-screen deaths. Go home to watch the Doctor Who I missed last Saturday and sleep like the dead.


1) When everyone tells you a movie is not good, there’s probably a reason for it.

2) If you ever need to spice up a non-thrilling thriller, just throw some lesbians in it.

3) Given the opportunity, my body will SHUT DOWN. It will also wake up of its own accord for movies.

4) Canada is one of the worst contributors to climate control and that fills me with great shame.

5) There are children, fifth and sixth graders, doing more to save this world than I am. That also fills me with great shame.

6) I am no longer the “youth” the older generation is destroying the planet for. I am the enemy. When did that happen?

7) I have reached a point where I look forward to sleep as much as, if not more than, the films I am seeing. Good thing we are coming to the end.


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