TIFF 2013 – Sandra’s Festival Schedule

Merry TIFF-mas, friends and neighbours! It’s that time of year again! The time of year where I lose track of time; The time of year where I remember I have this blog, and actual attempt to use it; The time of year where I forgo food and sleep and sanity in the name of movies and star gazing and fun.

For those of you who will also be partaking in the most wonderful time of year, here is my planned schedule. It took forever to finalize because my life lately just seems to be an unending stream of things that I am wholly unprepared for, despite having months of notice. But I digress. As always, my plans may or may not change depending on crowds, hunger and sleep deprivation. If any of our screenings overlap, let me know! I love movie buddies!

UNDERLINED = I have a ticket
ITALICS = I am going to attempt to Rush it

Thursday, September 5th:

* DAY JOB (8:00-4:00pm) – Being trapped in my cubicle Thursday and Friday might actually kill me. Ugh.

* The Fifth Estate (6:30-8:34pm, Elgin) – I’m not gonna lie, kids – I am going to the Elgin after work and I am straight up red carpet stalking until I can see Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherlock is in town and I WILL see him, or die trying.

* Only Lovers Left Alive (9:00-11:03pm, Ryerson) – JARMUSCH. YELCHIN. SWINTON. HIDDLESTON. VAMPIRES. YES.

* Opening Night Party! – Though I know the locale isn’t a popular choice with some, it is directly across the street from my mother’s condo which means I can make an appearance and won’t have far to go to trudge home to bed; I still have my day job to go to come Friday morning.

Friday, September 6th:

* DAY JOB (8:00-4:00pm)

* Jason Reitman’s Live Read of Boogie Nights (6:00-8:00pm, Ryerson)SO. EXCITED.

* The Last Of Robin Hood (9:45-11:19pm, Isabel Bader)I am fully aware that my chances of getting into this one are slim. But it’s Kevin Kline, so I gotta try.

* The Station (11:59-1:32am, Ryerson)Let the Midnight Madness BEGIN!

Saturday, September 7th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia) – My TIFF shifts begin, as does my slow but steady mental decline with each early morning shift.

* Heart Of A Lion (4:15-5:54pm, Scotia)One plus of working at Scotia in the mornings: I can join the Rush line immediately after work. Bonus!

* Mystery Road (7:15-9:13pm, Lightbox) – I will be attempting to Rush more public screenings this year than any year previous. Should prove an interesting experiment for me.

* Dallas Buyers’ Club (10:00-11:57pm, Princess of Wales) I am not overly optimistic on my chances for this one, but I figure I might as well try and if I fail, early night’s sleep for me! Which wouldn’t be the worst idea…

Sunday, September 8th:

* Labor Day (9:00-10:51am, Lightbox)My only day off! I am hoping 9am is early enough that most people will still be sleeping and my attempt to Rush this one won’t be in vain.
Like Father, Like Son (10:00-12:00pm, Lightbox) Just in case Labor Day falls through.

* Horns (1:00-3:03pm, Scotia)The whole reason I gave my shift away on the 8th. I read and loved the book so I am extremely excited to see Harry Potter with horns growing out of his head.

* We Are The Best! (4:30-6:12pm, Scotia) (P&I) – Do I see this, or Le Week-End at 6:30? Might I be able to pull off both? To be determined…

* Devil’s Knot (9:00-10:54pm, Elgin) – I’m pretty sure Rushing this one might be in vain…
* The Bit Player (9:45-11:36pm, Scotia) – If I can’t see Egoyan’s latest, I will watch an adorable Filipino film instead.

* Oculus (11:59-1:44am, Ryerson) – I have never had a problem Rushing Midnight Madness (until Seven Psychopaths, that is) but I am really starting to regret not getting myself a guaranteed ticket for this one… I really, really want to see Karen Gillan vs an evil ancient mirror!

Monday, September 9th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia) – Back to the early morning grind…

* Finding Vivian Maier (4:45-6:08pm, Lightbox) – This documentary looks so interesting, you have no idea how relieved I was that it fit into my schedule.

* One Chance (8:00-9:43pm, Winter Garden) – I contemplated joining my roommate at the red carpet for August: Osage County this evening, and if I don’t see Cumberbatch Thursday I still might, but… James Cordon. Looking adorable. And possibly singing? How can I not!

* Enemy (10:30-12:00am, Lightbox) – My basic plan here is to race to the Lightbox and check out the Rush line; provided it doesn’t look too bananas, I will try my luck.
Afflicted (11:59-1:24am, Ryerson) – If I can’t see Enemy, I might inflict yet another late night/early morning combo on myself.

Tuesday, September 10th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia)

* Bad Hair (4:00-5:33pm, Scotia) (P&I)
One Chance (5:00-6:43pm, Lightbox) – If I can’t see One Chance Monday night, I WILL see it Tuesday. I WILL. If I do manage to see it, Bad Hair it is!

* How I Live Now (8:00-9:41pm, Winter Garden) – I haven’t read the book yet, but Allison has and she assures me it is good. Plus, I’m a sucker for some post-apocalyptic storytelling.

* McCanick (10:15-11:51pm, Isabel Bader) – The futility of trying to rush one of the final Cory Monteith films is not lost on me, but I am genuinely interested in the flick so I might as well try.
Almost Human (11:59-1:19am, Ryerson)McCanick is probably a pipe dream. Provided I am not dead on my feet, Midnight Madness once again!

Wednesday, September 11th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia)

* Don Jon (3:00-4:30pm, Ryerson) – You may have noticed a discrepancy there between the end of my shift and the start of this film. Do not fear, friends. I will move heaven and hell to make this work. Someone will take the second half of my shift. Some kind soul will save me. I BELIEVE.

* Dom Hemingway (6:00-7:33pm,Scotia) (P&I) – Jude Law looks ROUGH in this one. Colour me intrigued.

* Tom At The Farm (9:00-10:35pm, Bloor) – I wasn’t able to see Laurence Anyways last year and I regretted it so much; I really hope Rushing this one works out!

* Rigor Mortis (11:59-1:44am, Ryerson) – Truthfully, I might bail on this one. It looks good, but I think I might be too tired to function at this point…

Thursday, September 12th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia)

* Une Jeune Fille (A Journey) (3:45-5:10pm, Scotia) (P&I) – This is assuming I finish my shift exactly on time and immediately join the Rush.

* Cold Eyes (6:15-8:13pm, Scotia) (P&I) – I was really torn between this one and Blind Detective. Location ultimately made up my mind for me.

* A Promise (9:00-10:35pm, Elgin) – I promised to take Allison to one movie (because I am a good roommate) and this is the one we picked. If she gets to see Robb Stark and Severus Snape in person, she might just plotz.

* R100 (11:59-1:39am, Ryerson) – I really hope I can still buck up and make it through this one… Sleep is for the weak!

Friday, September 13th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia)

* Palo Alto (6:00-7:38pm, Bloor) – I love James Franco. I just do. He’s pretentious and weird and so effing crazy but also brilliant and funny and so damn talented. His foray into directing didn’t fit in my schedule, but this one did!

* The Sacrament (8:45-10:20pm, Scotia) – I’ve made it a rule for myself to see at least one Vanguard flick that I know very little about, but that grabs my attention. This policy has served me well in the past (Here Comes The Devil blew me away last year) and so I am trusting my instincts once again.

* Why Don’t You Play In Hell? (11:59-2:05am, Ryerson) – I really want to see this Midnight Madness selection, but it runs SO LONG and I have an early morning the next day. Decision to be determined…

Saturday, September 14th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia)

* Belle (6:30-8:15pm, Lightbox)

Bright Days Ahead (6:45-8:18pm, Lightbox) – I’m still torn between these two. Leaning towards Belle, but we will see, my mood is ever-changing.

* Sunshine On Leith (9:15-10:45pm, Bloor) – Originally I got a ticket to 12 Years A Slave, but who was I kidding? I can never pass up a musical. Especially not one that uses the music of The Proclaimers!

* Witching & Bitching (11:59-1:49am, Ryerson) – Last Midnight Madness. I WILL suck it up. I WILL make it through. I WILL.

Sunday, September 15th:

* WORK (7:30-3:30pm, Scotia) – Final TIFF shift of 2013! 

* The Double (6:00-7:33pm, Bloor) – My final TIFF ticket is for Richard Ayoade’s latest. I’m bummed that he most likely won’t be there, but I am excited to see it – especially if I manage to see The Enemy earlier in the week. A chance to compare and contrast!

* Enough Said (9:00-10:33pm, Lightbox) – My final Rush attempt! The end of my Festival! To be followed immediately by sleep!

There you have it folks! My goal is to recap my days on here like I did last year, so stay tuned for hastily written thoughts typed on my iPhone while I wait in line!


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