* After leaving work and changing into my party outfit, head to Elgin to stalk the red carpet. Am informed there isn’t a red carpet at Elgin that night. Despite knowing full well this isn’t the man in the headset’s fault, am still filled with misplaced annoyance with him.

* Go to Roy Thompson instead. So many fan girls. So very intimidating. Natasha joins me and we shiver together in the cold while we await the arrival of Mr. Cumberbatch.

* He arrives! I see him! I scream his name shamelessly! I take a blurry picture! He does not come over. I feel quite sad.

* As I’ve always suspected, the red carpet is a lot of effort for very little payoff. People who’d been there far longer than I had didn’t get any autographs either. I’d much rather spend time watching films, thank you.

* Trudge to Ryerson for Only Lovers Left Alive. We have a decent place in line. James, Natasha’s boyfriend, holds my spot so I can run to the red carpet to try and catch a glimpse of Tom Hiddleston. I do not get close enough for a pic or autograph, but I enjoy seeing him nonetheless.

* The movie is SO. GOOD. An unconventional but still beautiful love story about two people who just happen to be vampires. Somehow this fact is both integral to their story, and almost inconsequential. Mia Wasikowska plays a perfect bratty sister and Jeffrey Wright has a small scene-stealing role that gave some comic relief.

* Someone at the Q&A fangirled out on Hiddleston and it was absolutely cringe-worthy. Nothing fills me with more embarrassment than a  fellow nerd making someone unnecessarily uncomfortable. This isn’t Comic-Con, it’s a film festival; try and keep the questions relevant.

* Through sheer luck I manage to get near the back door as Hiddleston exits. Can’t get close for an autograph, but I get a decent photo on my phone. Day MADE.

* Shoes are killing me, I’m exhausted beyond belief, yet still manage to get talked into going to the Opening Night Party – I did dress up after all, might as well show it off.

* Was at the party maybe 20 minutes before bailing. I was too tired to mingle and it just wasn’t my scene. Came home to my mom’s condo to sleep, only to find that the party raging across the street is now keeping me up. The misplaced rage returns.


Only Lovers Left Alive  – Loved it. Realize I’m a little biased, but I don’t care.


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