* Spend my work day yo-yo-ing between extreme exhaustion and anxious energy. Probably should have taken all days of the Fest off. To keep in mind for next year…

* Head to Ryerson for Jason Bateman’s Live Read of Boogie Nights. Run into a TIFF Trivia friend in line and we start chatting about last night’s films – I think we are both talking about Only Lovers Left Alive, he thinks we’re talking about All Cheerleaders Must Die. “I loved it!” I exclaim. “Really??” he replies perplexed. It takes us longer than I care to admit to realize we are not talking about the same movie.

* The Live Read is so much fun. I get to hear Jason Sudeikis channel his inner Don Cheadle, Dane Cook attempt a Puerto Rican accent, Dakota Fanning make casual comments about ejaculation, Jesse Eisenberg sing off-key acapella, and Josh Brolin laugh hysterically at Jesse Eisenberg singing off-key acapella. Utterly delightful and worth every penny.

* Try to catch people coming out the back door again. My luck is not as good as it was with Hiddleston. Despite mymovie buddies all heading home to bed and my own immenient exhaustion looming, I decide to still try and rush The Last of Robin Hood at Isabel Bader. I am not optimistic about my chances, it IS the premiere, but I figure it’s worth a shot.

* Arrive at Isabel Bader to find a very reasonable rush line. In my surprise and excitement, I manage to drop my camera on the hard pavement and send it flying. Immediately fly into a panic that I have destroyed my only means of photography that isn’t my shitty phone. Thankfully, I’ve only managed to mangle the battery holder; I McGyver a hair elastic around it to keep the batteries in and all is well.

* Last Of Robin Hood is decent. It was interesting to see the complex relationship between Erroll Flynn, his much younger paramour, and her capitalizing stage mother, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the performances (Susan Sarandon in particular was riviting) but I wouldn’t say I was blown away by it.

* Q&A was delightful. Susan Sarandon is sharp and witty and charming and I adore her.

* By the time the film gets out, Midnight Madness is essentially a pipe dream. Disappointing, because I was intrigued by The Station, but sleep is very necessary; I have my first shift of The Festival in the morning.


Jason Reitman’s Live Read of Boogie Nights – Loved it. So much fun. I definitely recommend checking out a Live Read if you ever get the chance, absolutely worth it.

The Last of Robin Hood – Liked it. I would recommend it to some people, but probably not everyone I know.


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