* My only day off devoted entirely to movies. Seeing only one on Day Three has me feeling like a total failure so I am determined to make the most of my day off.

* Wait in the rush line for Labor Day. A nice older gentleman strikes up a conversation with me, as nice older gentlemen are wont to do. There must be something about my face that just screams to grandpa-types “TALK TO ME ABOUT MOVIES! I LOVE MOVIES!”

* Labor Day is a bit of a departure from I’ve come to expect from Reitman, but I still liked it. The story played out pretty much exactly as expected, but I didn’t mind – I was enjoying Josh Brolin too much to care.

* I have time before my next screening, so I dash to Ryerson to see if I can get a ticket to Oculus, Karen Gillan’s horror movie in Midnight Madness. Because I am the luckiest girl in the world, I am able to get a ticket and skip off to my next screening.

* Next up: Horns, with Daniel Radcliffe. Having read the book, I was really looking forward to it, but also a little wary of how the adaptation was going to play out. While there were sections of the book that were left out that I would have liked to see, I was really happy with the film overall. Daniel Radcliffe was pretty much perfect as Iggy, the lead character, and the film was as darkly humourous as the book was.

* Immediately after Horns I join the rush line for We Are The Best! I am feeling headache-y and hungry, and the line is crazy long, but I know I will regret not seeing this one so I buckle down, swallow some Advil, and soldier on.

* So glad I stuck it out. So far, We Are The Best! is my favourite of the Fest. A Swedish coming-of-age film about three 13 year old girls in the 80s who start a punk band is one of the sweetest, most relatable movies I’ve seen in a really long time. There are tons of flicks about pre-teen boys that are praised for being realistic and honest; this is one of the first ones featuring girls that I could personally relate to and found so incredibly true to life.

* After my third screening I am starting to fade. But, if I go home, I might pass out and miss Oculus; this is not an option. After considering my options, I decide to rush Night Moves at Ryerson so I can just immediately get in line for Oculus after it ends.

* Night Moves is not my cup of tea. I thought I was watching a thriller about Eco-terrorists; turns out I was watching a character study on a quiet, brooding Jesse Eisenberg who glares at things and says nothing. It was disappointing too because I’m a fan of most of the cast and was excited to see what they’d do with it. Instead I was just bored.

* Night Moves ends and I run out to meet Deena in the ticket holders line. I don’t have time to eat, but Deena and her friend Emily provide me peanut butter cups and Doritos to get me through. I scarf them down like I haven’t seen food in weeks.

* Karen Gillan doesn’t come to Toronto for Oculus, but Katee Sackoff is at the premiere and so is Rory Cochrane which leads to me whisper squealing “IT’S LUCAS!!!” to Heather and Deena, neither of whom knew what I was talking about.

* Oculus was creepy and wonderful. Hearing Karen Gillan with an American accent was really odd, but I loved her in it. And the kids! I have been loving the performances of all the child actors I’ve been seeing in films this Fest. Annalise Basso was extraordinary as young Karen.

* In the end, seeing five movies to make up for only seeing one the day before was not my wisest idea. It is well after 2am by the time I get home, I am still hungry, and I have a 7:30am shift the next day. This will not end well.


Labor Day – Liked it. More than most people, I suspect. I am a sucker for sweet stories and it’s hard for me not to like something with Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet.

Horns – Loved it. It was dark, it was funny, it captured the tone of the original novel near perfectly. I was really impressed with both Radcliffe’s performance, and Aja’s direction.

We Are The Best! – LOVED IT. So much. Easily my favourite of the Festival so far. I loved those little punks so much.

Night Moves – Not impressed. Maybe I was too tired to appreciate it, maybe it was just a little over my head, I don’t know. I appreciated what they were trying to do and the story they were trying to tell, I just didn’t connect to it, personally.

Oculus – Loved it. It was creepy and a little gory, but not too gross. Lots of moments to make you jump and shriek and shout at the screen, which is always something you want out of a horror flick.


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