* Slept all of 4 hours. Feel like death. Work is like some sort of living nightmare.

* Get some caffeine in me and I start to perk up. Go back and forth with Allison about whether the red carpet for August: Osage County is worth checking out. I really wanted to see Finding Vivian Maier but word on the street is it is practically impossible to rush. The internet informs Allison that Benedict is expected at the premiere, and so we decide to give it a shot.

* Roy Thompson Hall is a MAD house. Somehow, through the miracle of my good fortune, I manage to get us fairly close to the stantion with only one person in front of us. The red carpet begins! We see Dermot Mulroney! Abigail Breslin! Juliette Lewis! The beautiful Ewan McGregor! Look, way over there is Julia Roberts! And where is Benedict? Back in England, apparently. Oh well.

* Allison wants to try and see if she can get James Cordon’s autograph so she accompanies me to One Chance. The crowds there are bananas because Taylor Swift is coming, but Allison decides to stick it out. I join the rush line and am informed that I am tenth in line. My chances look pretty good.

* Out of nowhere, all of us in line are given free tickets and led to the ticket holders line. I immediately text Allison and send her to the rush line. I still have no idea why, but she was given a ticket too and joins me for her first TIFF screening ever. And it was free! She is quite pleased.

* We manage to find pretty fantastic seats in the balcony. We look down and find Tom Felton being seated and everyone going bonkers. Poor Draco can’t even watch a movie in peace…

* One Chance was so cute, guys. So freaking cute. It’s nothing groundbreaking – the true story of Britain’s Got Talent’s first winner, Paul Potts, and his dream of being an opera singer, but it’s a sweet little film nonetheless. James Cordon is so amazing in the lead role and his chemistry with Alexandra Roach is adorable. I admit to being a little biased (I am a little in love with James Cordon) but I genuinely enjoyed it.

* After the movie, some techs dragged a mike and amp on stage. Taylor Swift fan girls start screaming so much it’s embarrassing, but they are to be disappointed – it is not Taylor, but Paul Potts himself who comes out and sings us a little opera. It is INSANELY good. I get goosebumps hearing him sing. He joins the cast and director for a Q&A and is charming as you’d want him to be. This entire evening has me feeling all giddy and lovely.

* Despite the threat of Taylor Swift tweens, Allison and I decide to try and meet James Cordon after the flick lets out. Thankfully, Miss Swift runs out of the theatre with a wave and is gone. Many disappointed autograph seekers around us, but this means there’s more room for us to get close to the door to meet James.




I know it’s crazy, but we were shaking when we met him. Hands down, the kindest and most generous actor with his fans I’ve seen so far.

* After that, I call it a night. I’ve missed the rush for Enemy and honestly, nothing can top the high I’m on, so I might as well go home and dream happy dreams.


One Chance – Loved it. Might just be a biased personal opinion but whatever, I thought it was sweet and really delightful. If you like adorable little British movies, check it out.


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