* Get to work and meet Brita, my new best friend. Not only does she agree to come in early so I can go to Don Jon the next day, she informs me she takes tap dance classes and says she’ll send me info on beginners classes. Should I take up tap dancing guys? I kinda really want to…

* Finish work and immediate join the rush line for Bad Hair. It is hot as balls outside and people are GRUMPY. My cousin Mike wanders by and our tradition of just randomly running into each other during the Festival is still in tact.

* Bad Hair was fantastically heartbreaking. It’s a Venezuelan film about a young boy who wants nothing more than to straighten his hair and dress in a nice suit for his school photo. His mother fears that this is an indication that he is gay and begins to take her fear and anger over this out on him. It’s never made clear whether poor Junior is gay or not, and it isn’t really relevant; what matters is a poor boy whose individuality and sensitivity makes him a mark for all his mother’s aggression and frustrations. I really loved it, even if it did make me sad.

* After Bad Hair I head to the premiere of How I Live Now, starring Saoirse Ronan. I haven’t read the book, but after watching the movie I’d like to. I enjoyed the flick, but I feel like there were details covered in the book that weren’t covered in the film fully which left me going, “wait… what?” It was definitely intense and I thought Saoirse was incredible in it, but the ending left me a little unsatisfied. I’m curious as to whether the same holds true for the book.

* Once again I found myself thoroughly impressed with the performance of a mostly unknown child actor. The little girl who played Saoirse’s nine-year-old cousin was so incredible, she is added to my list of “Favourite Adorable Ginger Brits”.

* The movie lets out too late for me to try and rush McCannick and after some soul-searching I decide to head home. I am now regretting not seeing the Midnight Madness though, if only because I think I could have managed it without being dead on my feet. Missed opportunity. Oh well…

* I managed to see more than one movie, which is a pretty big accomplishment at this point. I am getting frustrated with my movie going this year and how few I am able to squeeze in in a day.


Bad Hair – Loved it. It was heartbreaking and honest and once again features an outstanding performance from a child actor.

How I Live Now – Liked it. It was definitely well done and the story was strong but I kind of feel like maybe something was lost between the page to the screen. I might be wrong though, maybe it’s a perfect adaptation. I need to read the book to properly assess my feelings, I suspect.


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