* Despite it being my shortest shift of the Festival, work DRAAAAAAAGGGGGGS on. There’s practically nothing to do all day and I am counting the hours until I am free.

* Get off work at noon (THANK YOU BRITA!) and head to Ryerson to see Don Jon. I am lined up forever and starting to nod off a little in line but I am very excited – I’ve been wanting to see JGL’s directorial debut ever since it was announced.

* Sadly, Joe has left T.O., so there is no Q&A and no opportunity to meet him. I won’t lie, I’m pretty bummed out. I was genuinely expecting him to be there at least to do a Q&A. I am now really kicking myself for not stalking the red carpet for the premiere. I could have gotten in on this!

* Confession: I really loved this movie, and I am pretty sure it’s almost entirely because I am biased. Do I think it’s his best film? No. As far as directorial debuts go, it wasn’t the best I’ve seen. But guess what: it wasn’t the worst either. I thought it was funny, I thought both he and ScarJo were great in it (and I’m not usually the biggest Scarlet fan) and I thought it was an interesting story. As far as his first foray into directing I thought it was a promising start and I am definitely still fully on board the JGL love train. That said, I will fault no one who completely disagrees with me.

* After Don Jon, I meet up with Vanya for a P&I of Dom Hemingway. I honestly don’t think I have ever loved Jude Law more, and I am including my favourite SNL skit of all time where he and Seth Meyers play drunken Michael Caine and Peter O’Toole. He was funny, sexy, and just all around cool as hell. I was expecting a bit more of a crime caper, but was pleasantly surprised by how little capering there was and how much of it was Jude Law running around in various states of undress giving loud, articulate monologues on everything from how he will win back his daughter’s affections to how perfect his own penis is. It has a bit of a Guy Ritchie feel to it, and the story could use more fleshing out, but everyone needs to see it for Jude Law’s performance alone.

* Turns out that Vanya has an extra ticket for Blind Detective that she can give me. I was going to try and rush Tom at the Farm but decide that a guaranteed ticket to a film I wanted to see trumps waiting in line for a potential ticket to a film I wanted to see. Plus, James and Natasha are going to Blind Detective as well so we all get to sit together.

* I am not particularly familiar with Johnnie To’s work going into the film, but I am definitely a fan by the end. It was so much funnier than I expected it to be! Somehow the movie is both action/thriller and romantic comedy, and it does both perfectly. Loved the leads, loved the story, loved the humour… I will definitely be seeking out more of Johnnie To’s work now. Vanya is a long-time fan so she has officially made me a convert.

* Once again, I find myself getting out a screening too late to get to Midnight Madness. Once again I am disappointed because Rigor Mortis really intrigued me. The biggest downside of working all morning shifts is that it means I have to sacrifice Midnight Madness in the name of more galas and premiere screenings. I am honestly not sure if I prefer this change or not.


Don Jon – Loved it. But I love everything he does. I really do think it’s funny though, and worth checking out if for no other reason than to hear Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson and Tony Danza do their best impressions of folks from New Jersey.

Dom Hemingway – Loved it. Jude Law is stocky, scarred, and tears up the screen. It is the sexiest I have ever found him.

Blind Detective – Loved it. The action scenes were fantastic but the humour was even better. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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