* My first shift without Natasha is pretty monotonous. Thankfully Sonia, who I worked with last year, is working with me again and I spend my shift catching up with her.

* After our shift, Sonia and I rush Une Jeune Fille (A Journey). I won’t lie, kids: I slept through at least 75% of it. The problem was, while very beautiful and artistic, the film was also SUPER quiet. As far as I can tell, the movie is about a girl who says very little, who runs away from home, doesn’t talk to anyone for at least 20 minutes, meets a man who also rarely says anything, then begins to work on his farm and bond with him over soothing music in total silence. I missed so much of the film that when I woke up at what I thought was the point when things were actually going to start happening, it turned out to be the ending?! An ending I found very ambiguous, likely because I missed the majority of what actually happened in the film.

* After laughing at my inability to stay awake, Sonia and I part ways and I head to Starbucks to wake myself up before my next rush. While waiting in line for a couple minutes, I hear a tired sigh behind me and immediately recognize it – it’s Vanya, and we’ve been standing in line together for at least five minutes without even realizing it. Turns out she has followed me to rush Cold Eyes at 6:15 despite knowing nothing of the film.

* I thoroughly enjoyed Cold Eyes. I actually would have loved to watch a television series all about these characters, an elite team of the Korean police force whose entire purpose is to blend in to their surroundings and observe everything. They are essentially surveillence, in charge of finding and identifying potential suspects without actual engaging or being discovered. It was a really cool, really engaging little action thriller that I think could make a nifty serial if done properly.

* Cold Eyes was enjoyable, but it was also longer than I’d anticipated. I get out and immediately book it to the Elgin, waving to Vanya while rushing my ass off to meet Allison for A Promise. I somehow manage to get to the line mere seconds before we are let in. I am magical.

* A Promise was good, but I honestly don’t know if I liked it or not. It felt a little toothless to me; like I was supposed to feel the angst and temptation the leads were supposed to be feeling, when in reality I felt no such conflict. Everyone in it was just a little too… nice. I wanted someone, somewhere in it to be a little villanious, but no dice. Alan Rickman was very funny and very delightful though, and it’s pretty hard not to swoon over Richard Madden.

* Sadly, none of the cast is there even though they were expected to be. I feel really bad, I know Allison wanted to see Richard Madden. The director was there though, and quite adorable so that made up for it slightly.


Une Jeune Fille (A Journey) – I really don’t feel like I have any right to have an opinion on this film. I slept through far too much of it to be able to speak on it with any confidence. What I saw seemed pretty? And well-acted? Definitely soothing, I’ll say that.

Cold Eyes – Loved it. It was thrilling and fun and very funny. I wanted more stories involving these characters, so hopefully they’ll make a sequel someday.

A Promise – You ever tell yourself you’re not sure how you feel about a film, and then start to talk about it and essentially talk yourself out of liking it? I think that’s what I did here. I just expected more of a story and found the whole thing to fall a bit flat. Love the cast though!


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