* Finish my shift and head to Bloor for a screening of Palo Alto. During my shift I began to kick myself for not exchanging that ticket for something else – an additional screening of August: Osage County had been added (that sold out fast, admittedly) and I never did get to Rigor Mortis. However, I decide to make the best of it and settle in for some tales from James Franco’s hometown.

* Palo Alto is actually better than I had expected! I was pleasantly surprised with the “realistic” portrayal of teenagers in the film – usually I find realistic teen films to be hyper-stylized and over the top. Yeah, kids were drinking and having sex, but it wasn’t over the top. There wasn’t any bullying, no one was depressed and acting out, they were just… kids. Jack Kilmer (son of Batman) plays one of the leads and he’s great in it. All the kids are great in it, really, Aside from Emma Roberts they’re all fairly unknown and that helps with the believability of the film; they all seem like actual kids you might know. Definitely worth a watch, I think.

* Leave Bloor Hot Docs to come back to Scotiabank. The day before an additional screening of Finding Vivian Maier was announced and I was able to procure tickets for Allison and myself. I am tired, but I’ve been dying to see the film since it was announced so I’m pretty psyched.

* Finding Vivian Maier does not disappoint. It’s a fascinating and thought-provoking look into the life of a prolific photographer whose work isn’t discovered until after her death. A very private, incredibly talented, and often times dark person, Vivian’s life and the memories those that knew her have of her are as intriguing as her art itself. I really want to own one of her prints now.

* Midnight Madness is once again a bust. I hate not going, I miss the crowds and the atmosphere, but I just can’t do it when I work at 7:30 the next morning. This is something to keep in mind for next year when planning my work schedule.


Palo Alto – Liked it. A lot more than I thought I would, actually. It wasn’t too fancy or too flashy, it’s not particularly controversial or risqué (though there is a plot point about James Franco and Emma Roberts that made me a little squeamish), it’s just a simple, honest look at teenage life. Gia Coppolla, I am on board.

Finding Vivian Maier – LOVED it. Such a wonderful film. It was funny, it was touching, it was upsetting… I am endlessly fascinated with this woman and want to know everything I can about her.


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